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Hi I'm Nde

I grew up in Cameroon and moved to the UK to study Architecture, i'm so grateful to be working in London. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm one of five children born to a father who's an Architect in Cameroon. From the tender age of five I suffered from an asthmatic condition which meant I couldn't do many physical activities such as play football or to stay out in a cold or dusty environment. This also meant I had to develop self discipline health-wise and keep away from triggers to my asthmatic condition. I have since outgrown this and now enjoy playing sports again. And do things such as eat ice cream without worrying about being sick. Career-wise I enjoy what I do, I have been studying Architecture for 7 years in the UK. I'm grateful for the fact that I stayed away from home for so long and successfully graduated and now am working in London. I still have much to learn in Architecture. I have come to appreciate the joy it brings to design and bring to life projects which are meant to improve how we live. I hope to have my own architecture company someday to design environmentally responsive buildings in hot climates especially in Africa. I enjoy learning new hobbies such as playing guitar and sports, football being my favorite, as well as spending time with loved ones. There's so much to learn that I wish I were a teenager again so I could have more time.

Why I am a Mormon

Once on the bus to church I felt strongly the impression 'where would I be without the Gospel of Christ?...' I have since come to appreciate the true value of faith, hope, love and charity. I was born Catholic and grew up attending church each Sunday since I was little. Moving to UK in 2003 and throughout my university studies I occasionally went to church but was less consistent and eventually stopped. I was however blessed to be great friends with a Christian friend (not LDS) who introduced me to his family and group of friends. I was very touched by his sincere love, scripture studies and his patience with me throughout the time I shared a house with him. I felt a great gulf of difference between his life and mine and sincerely envied him. I moved forward with studies and lived with another friend who was Christian too, he one day gave me a bible (New Testament) which I read through two or more chapters daily. I was very touched by what Christ had done and the writings of his Apostles, Paul in particular. That year was very eventful as I had done poorly in my final architecture exam and had to wait 3 months to re-submit my final year project. Faith in the Lord enabled me to be humble and work harder which I did and my tutor was very pleased with my re-submission. I learnt that humility is one of the first requirements to conversion. I moved to London where I started to search for post-graduation work. I was blessed to find a temporary role at a restaurant in Notting Hill. I worked there for two years whilst diligently searching for architectural work during the recession, which isn't easy considering the major cuts within the construction industry. I met the missionaries whist out in the park, I was given the Book of Mormon to study and pray to God about its teachings if it were true. My personal study of the Bible enabled me to draw close and understand the Book of Mormon. And two months later I accepted an invitation to be Baptized and be a follower of Christ.

How I live my faith

Since getting baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints, I have come to appreciate the blessings that come with serving others cheerfully. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is centered around loving thy neighbor as yourself, as Christians we believe in the pure love of God, and promise each week to love, cherish and sustain one another. It's one of the greatest commandments given to man by God, to serve and love. We believe that through genuine love, the Spirit of God will dwell within us always. I read scriptures daily, sometimes on the train to work. I am grateful for how simple and plain are the gospel principles in the Book of Mormon, another scripture of Christ. Through the Book of Mormon, I learn so much in terms of patience, tolerance and how to be of service to others. God blessed those who seek the well-being of their neighbors. I am blessed with the knowledge of the Gospel, to know that God's first born walked the earth and showed unto man how to live and to serve. He is my perfect example. On Sunday I save the day to go to church and be with other members, to devote myself solely to reflect over events during the week, through taking part in meetings and lessons. Sometimes through a talk or scripture I find ways to improve for the following week. The beauty of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the many members who strive to live righteously. For Jesus said 'if ye are not one, ye are not mine'. The spirit of God dwells in Holy places and we are all invited to seek what is pure and Holy, to practice and live according to the teachings of Christ. Practice does make perfect, practice kindness to those on the tube, patience with those who expect a lot from you, act unselfishly towards colleagues. One another lesson I learnt is to ask 'can I help you with that?...' Then smile. It's such a wonderful thing that brings joy in my life.