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Hi I'm Haydn Welch

I am a jeweller in Taunton. The first person in the world to swim the English Channel Backstroke and I am also a Mormon.

About Me

I am a self employed retail jeweller and have a shop in my home town of Taunton. I have been a jeweller virtually since leaving school. I enjoy adventure and could fly before I could drive. Nowadays I spend much of my spare time swimming. I swam the English Channel in 1992, it was a childhood dream. I swam again in 1993 and became the first person in the world to do so, swimming backstroke, Now, in 2013 I am returning to swim the English Channel once more, "The Undone Way". It is audacious and will be a world first. I have a number of long swims to do, before my wife and I hope to serve as missionaries in 5 years time.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother joined the church when I was a young child. I would have liked to have been baptised then, but my father would not allow it. I was baptised at the age of 15. It was a difficult time for a youngster beginning to 'enjoy' the things associated with growing up. Often I found myself in two camps with my friends from church and those from school or the swimming club. It was awkward trying to maintain the standards with which I was seeking to live. Sometimes I would fail. I would try better and fail again. Eventually, as I kept practicing my faith, the failures became less as I was blessed by the principles of repentance and a stronger understanding of the Holy Ghost. I concluded that either God lived or he doesn't. It really is a simple matter of one or the other, and one has to be true. If there is no God, then this life is all there is. In this case, it is really important we live it right. It is the only experience we will have and we ultimately turn into stardust. However, if God lives, I reckon that is a perfect reason for choosing to live our lives right. In accordance with the gospel principles in the Bible and other scriptures, we can ultimately become blessed with the blessings of eternal life. Rather than simply becoming stardust, we share in our Heavenly Fathers kingdom. Either way, it is important we live our lives right. I choose to live the life taught within the scriptures, the way Jesus would have me live it. In so doing, I am exercising my faith in His gospel. Hope is my favourite word, it leads to desire and faith. These lead me to act and I try to do things right. I know , no matter how I try, I will always fall short. I am not perfect, nor expect to be. None of us can. If we could be perfect, there would be no need for a Saviour. I rely upon the Saviour, Jesus Christ. As I live His gospel, I become His and he leads me to my Father in Heaven. It's a partnership and I am entrusted to be His ambassador and he is my Saviour.

How I live my faith

At church I serve on the Bishopric and take a particular interest in the youth programs which we run for our young teens. Faith is important to me and I try to exercise faith much like I would exercise my body. As far as church is concerned, we learn to understand the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we exercise faith in those principles by modifying our behaviour, to practice them. We stop doing things which are wrong and do more of the things which are right. We seek to understand the gospel through study and prayer, and gain a testimony of the Saviour as we seek to do his will. We become humbled through repentance, cleansed through baptism, sanctified through sacrament and blessed through obedience to the principles of the gospel. When I swim, I do much the same, as I practice certain physical and mental principles. I have faith that by living these principles I will have trained sufficiently to ensure a safe and successful swim.