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Hi I'm Paul

I come from Northern Ireland and served as a full time missionary then had a family.

About Me

I love church and studying the scriptures. Although I don't have many pets I love nature and animals very much. My life is simple and I feel greatly blessed to have a mother, a son and a wife, as well as true friends and realtives and great church fellowship/friends and a decent country. My degree is in Geography but health problems have prevented me from carving out a career. I am an untrained artist and feel the need to express myself with painting. I can play rock guitar but didn't feel the urge to do so much these days until recently my guitaring has been fusing rock, heavy rock, blues and jazz which I would like to develop more a most of it has Gospel orientation. Portuguese is a second language that I try to keep improving with. Watching movies, documentaries, news and football are some ways that I spend free time at home. I love all true Prophets whether living or dead because their teachings about the Lord never die and are eternally true. We have true prophets on Earth today. President Monson is the prophet toady. He is a great example of righteousness and man who loves his wife and children, he also loves all latter day saints. We need true prophets in our day and age. An estimation of between 22-25 would describe how many times I have read and how much I love and appreciate the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon built up my faith and testimony and now I understand and love the Bible a lot more than I did. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Why I am a Mormon

I had a great conversion at age 25 although I attended church as a boy with my parents and even went alone sometimes about age 10 or 11. My conversion was true and deep. I felt like there was an angel standing behind me and I couldn't see or didn't need to see. I read Genesis and remembered teachings from the church. I knew that Adam and Eve were literal people whom God had created. the scriptures seemed to burn right through my heart and soul. It was a sacred awesome and amazing experience. I was changed into a new creature with a nature towards spirit not sin, happiness not misery. When I went to church the members there loved me and accepted me instantly. I felt so happy to go to church each Sunday and through the week I studied as much as I could. My life was changing. Then to my wonder i was prompted by the Holy Ghost to serve a mission. I though I was too old but The Lord is never wrong. I served a mission for two years in the England Leeds Mission. It was unbelievable and I loved every minute as best I could. I still had a little head trouble with stress but generally I was on top of the world and filled with genuine enthusiasm to serve God with all my mind body heart and soul in the England Leeds Mission. As a returned missionary I continued to serve in the church as well go to University and work. My wife was an angel from heaven and our marriage was blissful. We adopted our nephew who is has a wonderful heart and believes in God and some day I hope he has the same experiences that I have had with the Lord. My parents were always inspiring and rejoiced in my conversion and change in lifestyle. I live with faith that I can one day be sealed to my son in the Temple and have more kids as well see him have a family of his own. I encourage all to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if there are true prophets on earth today. I know that He will answer your sincere prayers. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

How I live my faith

When I arise each morning I pray and study the scriptures. The scriptures never fail to fill my mind body heart and soul with wonder, joy, peace and inspiration. I try hard each day to obey the commandments. I love to be pure. I had lots of anger and stress in the past and the Holy Ghost has gradually healed me more and more. My heart is pure towards the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Its His work and being worthy to be used by him as an instrument in his hands is truly wonderful. I have read the Book of Mormon very approx 22 times. Some parts more than others but I'm certain that I've read it all straight through over 20 times. It changed my life very much for the better and brought me closer to God than I ever even thought about. When I was 25 I had rarely thought about God in years yet my parents must have prayed for me very hard because I had a road to Damascus type of conversion. Since then I realize more and more that my life is happier and happier when I trust in God and serve in the church as well as study and pray. We learn more and more to serve and help others with love and charity in our hearts as well as empathy. Suffering tests us and makes us deeper in faith and wiser and more appreciative of the pure and simple heavenly blessings in our lives. In church with the help and guidance of the Holy Ghost I been able to serve a mission, be a stake and ward missionary, work in activities and youth a little and teach and lead in Sunday School. Living the Gospel has healed me an awful lot from stress and trauma mingled with depressive episodes. it really has worked what can only be described as a miracle in my life. My conversion was quite incredible in my life and it was very real. The Temple is a holy place where we can always feel close to our Heavenly Father. Home is a sacred place where the Holy Ghost can dwell. Church is a place where we can feel love and fellowship as well as gain strength and inspiration from one another.

What blessings can we receive through the gift of the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost teaches us whats true and can uplift us out of worldly influences in that we can receive the influence and guidance from Heaven. When we live righteously the Holy Ghost will always be with us and give us comfort in times of sorrow such as a bereavement. When we are tempted the Holy Ghost can remind us that what we are doing is wrong and destructive to our faith. Sometimes we can receive direct guidance to do something e.g. visit someone or do something in our lives that we weren't planning to do. I know by now that we can trust in God with all our hearts and He will never let us down. The Holy Ghost can guide us show us what His will is in our lives. Anyone can feel the guidance and influence of the Holy Ghost yet those who follow Christ with all their hearts and repent and are baptized receive a special ordinance called the Gift of the Holy Ghost. This means they have a special gift in feeling the Holy Ghost. We need this gift to overcome temptations and live the Gospel by obeying the commandments and serving in the church. Feeling the Holy Ghost is peaceful and heavenly. These feelings also confirm the truth of the scriptures and as Moroni 10:5 states through the Holy Ghost we can come to know the truth of all things. Burning in the bosom is a sacred experience that feels warm inside. This can happen during a conversion or indeed during missionary work. Show more Show less