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Hi I'm Mia Washburn

I'm living and loving life each day. I go to college, hang with friends, explore my possibilities and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 20 years old and I attend Brigham Young University. I'm half-Taiwanese and am trying to learn Mandarin Chinese. I have the greatest mother in the world, and three awesome younger siblings. I love to do service, and I love to serve the people around me. I hope to some day start my own humantiarian program as well as maybe get into health care somehow. Right now, I'm not sure, but we'll see where life takes me. I love to try new things and go through phases of what I'm doing and currently, it's cooking. I love movies and travelling and I hope to see the rest of the world some day. Because of my love for service, I went to Thailand for a humanitarian trip for about two weeks. I love my family and my friends and building and keeping up relationships with them. I like video games and books as much as the next person, but I would also rather sit down and have a nice conversation instead. Shopping could be what you call an "obsession" of mine, so I have to keep it on the down-low a lot of the time. I have a lot of energy and I love to express it each day to those around me. I love babies as much as the next woman, but it's pretty obvious when I see a cute baby. I love everything and I hope to broaden my horizons in time through the people I meet and the education and experiences that I gain.

Why I am a Mormon

After my father passed away when I was 12, I was pretty depressed for a couple of years. I had a very hard time being happy and didn't see what the point was with my life. Maybe that is typical of a melodramatic teenager, but combined with everything with my family life, I felt it was pretty accurate to how I should have been feeling at the time. I grew up LDS and never once questioned what it really meant to be a "Mormon". Well, this time in my life really made me wonder if this church would truly bring me happiness. I decided to start actually giving church a chance and finding out for myself whether or not I believed in the LDS faith. As I began to pray, read my scriptures, and attend church, my eyes started to actually perceive what was before me. I asked people all around me, "Why are you Mormon?" "Why do you like being LDS?" "What did you do to know it's true?" and the answers began to consume my mind as I began to exercise these practices of learning the truth for myself. I slowly began to realize that this gospel had a lot more to offer than I initially thought, and I loved that. I began to feel a light inside my heart begin to expand, as I began to be less angry and depressed, and more happy and loving. I started to realize how much I actually loved living life, and that I DID need a purpose, and that I wasn't just here to go through the motions. I began to realize how important my family was to me, and that because of the gospel, I could strengthen those relationships even more. So for me, I am Mormon because I choose to be. I decided to learn the truth for myself, and I found it to be true and the best part of my life. I love being Mormon, and I will continue to always be.

How I live my faith

I attend a Youth Single's Ward down here in good ol' Provo Utah. I am preparing for my mission in Arcadia California (Mandarin speaking) and recently went to the temple for the first time! I pray every day and read my scriptures and take religion classes from BYU. I am constantly looking for new insights to hold onto and for the blessings that the Lord has given me. I look for happiness, and living this gospel by attending church and strengthening my testimony makes me happy. I like to look at each day as a blessing, and to see how I can build my life that day with what my Heavenly Father has given me. Preparing for a mission helped me see things I never would have seen before. I visit teach some girls in my ward and attend church every Sunday. Now that I'm actually on a mission, I live my faith every day from 6:30am until .. Well, all the time! I look toward my Father in heaven for guidance and I read the Book of Mormon every day and that is the greatest blessing that God has given me. I remember my Savior every day and look toward His example throughout the day, deciding how to act based on what He would do.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Mia Washburn
When I look at nature, take a few deep breaths and just take it all in, I see the beauty of it all, and I see God's hand in that creation. Seeing nature testifies to me that God cares enough about us to give us a beautiful world to live in, and how everything works so intimately on earth is more evidence that God lives. He knows how to create every thing on this planet, and He did it so perfectly, that we are able to live in harmony with everything on this planet. Life continues to move on and every thing on this planet works together so intricately, that it had to be the work of the Lord. But most of all, I know God lives because I am able to find comfort and solace from enduring a hard trial. I know that God is watching over me specifically like He does all of His children, and I know that He is listening. When I pray, I can feel myself get closer to my Father in Heaven, and I know that He knows me as an individual person, and He knows all of my desires, what makes me sad, and what makes me happy. I know that He allows me to go through these trials because He is my loving Heavenly parent, who just wants me to learn for myself how to be happy because that IS the best way to know how to be happy. He blesses me with my family, friends, and every day miracles. I know God lives and that he exists. Show more Show less