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Hi I'm Dot

I started life in Staffordshire, moved to Devon 38 years ago, where I became a Mormon.

About Me

My main love in life is Family History. I love doing my own, but also like to help others find their ancestors. Family History is very important to me because it brings the generations together. No-one can work on their own pedigree chart without feeling a kinship to the names they find of people connected to their family, even if they have never met those people. I have had many wonderful experiences working with Family History. It is a great hobby and helps me to meet so many people who also get a buzz from this wonderful work.

Why I am a Mormon

Great tragedy hit my life in my young womanhood, when I gave birth to my children in 1970 and 1974 only to loose them within a few hours. I was angry with God. How could He let this happen to me. My chances of having a live child were 1 in 25, and mentally I could not go through this again so I came to the awful decision of living my life without my own children. I spent many years wandering around different Churches, trying to find answers of where my children had gone. I received many answers, some quite horrific, but none that I felt were correct. One day, two fresh faced young missionaries came to my door and I asked them to come in. They were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but I knew them as Mormons. I asked them where my children were, and with a little smile on their faces they sat me down and opened the Book of Mormon, and had me read from the book of Moroni which said "And their little children need no repentance, neither baptism". I felt a powerful feeling when I read these words, and I cannot explain, but I knew it was true. They gave me other marvellous readings and that very day I was witnessed too that what they had taught me was indeed true. Their is eternal life, and we can indeed be with our loved ones throughout eternity. This was in 1980 and today I thank my Heavenly Father for guiding me in the way He has done so, in teaching me so much over the years. It has regained my confidence as a person, has given me peace and understanding as to why my children could not be with me right now, and I am completely contented. For anyone who has had loss in their lives, I would say, there is an answer, and this Church has it.

How I live my faith

The Mormon Church is certainly a 7 day a week Church. I love the spiritual side of the Sunday services, but I also really enjoy the fun activities that the Church holds, which involve all family members. We look after each other by making sure everyone gets a personal visit once a month to check they are ok and not in need of any help. If help is needed it is organised. Everyone in the Church has assignments to work, as we have no paid ministry. I am involved in media coverage throughout Devon, and try to find newsworthy items to pass to the papers. Another part of my role is to help organize events locally, and last year we managed to raise a good sum of money which was distributed between various Children and Young People's small organisations in our area. We are continuing on with this during this year and hope to be as successful. I am also involved in the Helping Hands programme, which helps within the community to clear ground, paint up children's play areas or anything else our local council would like us to be involved in. I meet lots of people and really enjoy my work I do for the Church.

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

I really do believe in the necessity to be prepared. Keeping a food storage helps when an emergency hits your life, such as redundancy, and you can live on your stored food for a little while whilst sorting out the situation. I built my storage when I decided to go back to study as a mature student. I knew money would be tight, so before I started my course, I built my store cupboard. It helped me so much. At the end of my course, I did not have any food left, but had rather a large amount of bleach. Still that taught me a lesson that I did not get it quite right. I also when I ended up in employment decided to pay a little extra off each month from my mortgage. What a difference that made. Being more prepared has not only become an interest too me, but fills me with confidence, and I like the independence it brings. Show more Show less