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Hi I'm Camden C.

I live in Southern California. I like to figure stuff out. And imagine that, I'm a Mormon

About Me

Well, I enjoy science, philosophy, the arts, computers, and retro arcade games. I also dabble in drawing, writing poetry, and creating simple animations from the classic arcade games I so enjoy. I also enjoy fashion, being stylish and "new" but conservative yet flashy. Specifically in science I enjoy Biology, the study of DNA, cells, the human anatomy, and space! I also enjoy some 1990's cartoons namely Spider-Man (1994), Gargoyles, and X-Men. I also watch The Twilight Zone, Star Trek Next Gen. and other odds and ends on netflix. Some of my other interests consist of Spider-Man and the whole of his stories and exploits. I listen to mostly Disco and retro electronic music. I also like wolves, werewolves, riding horses and horses in general, African animals, space (as in outer-space), the Ninja Turtles, the Thunder Cats, and Dragons. Some hobbies I have are charming girls, conducting research on various topics (including those listed above), and running. I like to have pictures taken of me, I enjoy reading Shakespeare's plays and other novels and poems and then analyzing them . I like knowing stuff, stuff most people don't know about, I am a sponge to new information and love to learn. I know how to surf, use photo-shop, and create computer animated images.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, so ya I've never really known another way. But for myself I know it's true. Others in the church say they've had some kind of spiritual manifestation to know the church is true, that is not true of me. I personally believe in the LDS church simply because it makes sense, because it's logical. As a student I obviously went to school, and was FASCINATED by science, particularly DNA, Atoms, Cells, the human body, and Space. Simply, these are the reasons I believe in God, because the very idea behind these discoveries and the complexity of them at their miniscule scale boggles my mind. What about Jesus Christ? If a God was able to create the intense amount of perfectly ordered existence that we live then why not have a plan for us. Us his most complex creations! To understand this plan and Christ's church only prove to me more of it's truth, much like the workings of a single cell having billions in your body working as hard as they can going as far as to kill themselves so that you may live. I know that this church is true, because it makes a lot more sense than any science has ever discovered. I know that if anyone truly studies the teachings of this church with an open mind and doesn't dabble in the odder things of the church but just leaves them be till more information is acquired (like many scientific anomalies) then they to can come to know of it's truth and surety, and because I know this, this knowledge brings me peace of mind and happiness.

How I live my faith

At this point in my life I am going to serve for two years as an LDS missionary, I will go and preach and teach the fullness and restored gospel of Jesus Christ on the Earth today. I will also be offering my soul for those who need service and help in any way I physically, mentally, and spiritually can. I hope to teach those ready to receive this gospel so they too can be as happy and sure of life as I am.