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Hi I'm Logan Hunter

I am a music lover, a brother of 6 siblings, a proud uncle, a non-worrier, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Born in in a town with a population of 40,000 in Scotland, I, just like many other youth around the world have had to live with different experiences of the teenage life. I have found it hard to maintain my standards as an LDS when in school- but things like reading the Book of Mormon and praying to my Father in heaven has really turned my life around. I grew up with two older sisters, an older brother, and three younger brothers. Of course our house was wild, but having so much company has strengthened me and the example of my parents and siblings encourage me each day to become a better person in this world. I have struggled with things like anxiety and insomnia- all due to the pressures of a teenager in this world. I never really share it but for this purpose, I need to share it. These experiences in my life have defined me.There came a point within my mid-teenage years when I realised that I had a problem, and this was all because I was not living by the gospel of Jesus Christ the way I should be. Through guidance and support of family members, I am now free of those trials and strive to move on and please my Lord. I love music- I play guitar and sing. Music has the power to heal and writing and listening to songs- gospel related or not- has pulled me through the difficult times. I love music, and embrace it whenever I can in my everyday life. I'm also a very very very proud uncle to two beautiful nieces brought into this world by my two older sisters.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one and only true church on this earth. Through it, you can find truth and happiness. You can come to know of a surety that there is a Christ who lives, yet died for you... FOR YOU! He suffered so many pains and afflictions and all you have to do is live your life right and use his sacrifice in your life daily. The Book of Mormon truly is another testament of Jesus Christ. Read it. Not only read it- but read it with an open heart and mind, and a desire to know whether or not it is true. I know that by doing so, you will come to a knowledge of whether it is true or not. This book provides clear guidelines on how to live your life- and if you apply these guidelines to your life you will find happiness. HAPPINESS. It's all about happiness. The Mormon culture brings me so much joy when I attend church meetings or activities, because of the fellowship I share with other members. Their love and concern for me is unreal. God is the one who loves and concerns for you most, and he is watching you day by day hoping that you will make the right decisions insomuch that you can return home to live with him again. On those nights when I couldn't sleep because of insomnia, I came to realise that the best comfort I would find was reading the Book of Mormon and praying to my Father. That is when I found real help and felt strengthened. I sleep now, but not without a prayer and scripture study. It is what makes me happy and calm. This may seem a little extreme for an almost seventeen year old boy to say, but without Christ- I would not be here. He has pulled me through so many trials in my life. He makes me happy and gives me hope. It is my sincere prayer that others can find hope and happiness in him too. He is your brother- and he loves you.

How I live my faith

As said, there have been many times when I have struggled to live by the gospel of Jesus Christ. This of course led to my emotional and spiritual crash, and I was brought to my knees for a short period. I have learned many lessons from that experience- the main one being: ALWAYS PUT GOD FIRST. God cares for you. He is there. I needed to realise that I had to stop waiting around for him to speak to me, because he was already there- calling out for me to wake up. I realised that the reason I had never had a relationship with God before is because I had never looked for one. I decided that the time had arrived that I truly needed to 'come unto Christ'. Each day now, I pray to my Father above and ask him to give me strength through the day to be a better example to others- and stop being such a negative person and bring positivity to such a sad world. I read my scriptures daily, finding that if I truly invest myself into the word of God, and apply myself to its teachings and principles, it makes my days so much easier- and enjoyable. Of course- life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. As I make friends in and out of church, I have found that every single one of us, no matter what God we believe in, come from the same one. We are all brothers and sisters, and to strengthen one another we need to stop judging and ridiculing others simply because we are insecure for the insecurities in ourselves. Be kind to everyone you meet- because we all each have a STORY. I am not perfect- in fact I am FAR from it. But I know that if I truly strive to do what is right blessings will come in my life. Through LDS temple attendance, I have come to have just a tiny tiny taste of what heaven is like- and I want everyone to experience that in its fullest... Which is why I plan to serve a full time mission once I turn eighteen years of age, where I can share the message of the gospel with others.