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Hi I'm Bob

I'm a Morman, a husband, father, grandpa, Korean war veteran, and pilot. I have lived in California most of my life.

About Me

I'm the 3rd boy in a family of four boys and one girl. Our mother died at an early age; consequently, I was reared by two older brothers and my father. My younger siblings were reared by an aunt in a distant city. During WWII, my father left the farm to work in a defense plant; returning on weekends to oversee our farm crop progress and livestock care. My oldest brother left home just prior to the end of the war & did not return for many years. Of course, during those years, we had very little exposure to religious training. Fast forward thirty years that included six years in the army, a college sojourn that netted me an engineering degree and a wife. All of this was followed by three offspring and many happy and prosperous years in the busness world. In 1979, while returning from a vacation in Jackson Hole, Wy., with my wife and two of our young adult children aboard, I found it necessary to land our single engine aircraft at the Montplier, Idaho, airport, and wait out a snow storm. Later that afternoon, just prior to leaving, the airport manager gave us a copy of the Book of Morman to read when we returned home. Both my wife and I read it and were favorably impressed. However, we did not act upon our intuitions until a chance meeting with sister missionaries four years later started us to thinking. The discussions followed and we were finally baptized in March, 1985.

Why I am a Mormon

The first time that I read the Book of Morman, I knew intuitively that it was true. It demostrates one principle of human nature that is easily observed. That is: when we prosper, we usually tend to become prideful, and; when things go wrong, we often tend to blame others. Having grown up in humble circumstances, and having survived some of lifes dire circumstances; I probably became aware of this part of human nature at an early age. However, during the time that we were taking part in the missionary discussions, we were counciled to prayer for confirmation of the truthfulness of the Book of Morman. I did as requested, and can testify that I received an affirmative answer in the form of a small persistant voice that has never left me. Since our baptism, I have read the Book of Morman daily; and, therefore, have completed reading it at least once each year. It offers me a blueprint to live by and applies to our world today more so than ever before. It has added understanding and happiness to our family by helping us to understand God's plan for all his children. My life before being baptized was good. But now, it is great for I have a knowledge that I never had before. I know that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ have made it possible to return with our families to be with them; and, that our family can be together forever. We have only to follow to follow God's plan to find true happiness, both in this life and in our eternal life.

How I live my faith

One of the true blessings of belonging to the LDS church is that everyone has a church calling. I believe all the callings that I have been given have benefited me much more than those that I have been called to serve. Every calling is important and the benefits are beyond measure. I believe there is no greater way to learn the meaning of charity than through service. And that is regardless of it being either a public or a church service project. I have found that the church leaders that I have had the opportunity to be aquainted with, are without exception, divinely inspired. My callings over the years, have been varied as well as enlightening. I began each with a feeling of inadequacy and fear; and, without exception, when it became time for me to be released, I found that I loved my calling so much that I was reluctant to give it up.

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

Each of us has been given free agency, the right to determine our personal thoughts and actions; and with that gift comes the responsibility to do the best that we can to care for outselves and our loved ones. That should include both the moral and physical aspects in our lives. Consequently, we need to always Show more Show less