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Hi I'm Sven

I'm a convert, i'm optimistc and know everything will work allright. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm from Germany, quite a creative person, love to plan, especially activites that are going on in the week. After beeing 2 Years in the Church i'm now on my mission in England Leeds.

Why I am a Mormon

When i was a protestant, i thought going to church was the normal thing. It but i thought something was missing and i didn't feel that i could really share my feelings about God or for having a good life and staying away from evil substances would be good infront of God. Still, i went on beeing a protestant, because i knew nothing better. One time i went over with my friends to a members house, just the normal 'hang around' thing. But one of my friends was an investigator, so the Missionaries were invited over. They taught us, gave us a book of Mormon, but i didn't really had the intend to read. So the next time it landed in a bookshelf, staying there for 2 Years. Then within those Years i felt empty, i stopped going to church and felt not happy at all, in fact, some things happend that were not good at all, for especially i started drinking. Yet after those two Years, at the beginning of 2010, some inner voice told me: 'stop drinking'. It was miracelous that i actually did that immediatly. One Month later one of my Friends who was not believing in God at all, or at least i never saw it, phoned me up and asked me if i could come to his Baptism. I was surprised and because i couldn't beleive it, i decided to go. That experience, which also fell on my 20th Birthday, changed my whole view and i decided to take the Book of Mormon and go to church. It took me three Months to 'look into' the Church for i wanted to make sure, the feelings and the direction i got was right. After that i was investigating for only three weeks with the missionaries and then was Baptized and confirmed. The 'Big Change' that i saw was the truthfulness of the Priesthood, the Book of Mormon beeing the true word of God together with the Bible and that he didn't stop to give revelation to his chosen people.

How I live my faith

Back home I had my assingment to work with young single adults and was happy to just interact with them, plan for and with them and to get an better understanding of each of their situations. Missionary work, or the love to share my experiences about the gospel with others was always an important part for me for I know both, the time when i was not in the church and when I learned of the goodness of Christ through the missionaries and through friends in the church. And all of that I can have in my Mission: Helping people come closer to Christ or helping them in other needs they have. I do this beacause i love the Lord and because I want to help bringing everyone to the knowledge, that God has not forsaken any person.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

The Bible, as far as it is translated correctly, gives us the knowledge of Heavenly Fathers Plan for us and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It goes hand in hand with the Book of Mormon. We can have a wonderful knowledge from all the Prophets of old testifying of Jesus Christs Atonement and Ministry. We can also know of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost to be seperate beeings with one purpose. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

The Restoration of the Gospel was needed because important acts (ordinances) and knowledges which we need to come back to Heavenly Father were lost. Many people are born into the world and only see the churches that they are surrounded with, not knowing which one is right or wrong or even giving up on the subject because it is to confusing for them to believe in any sort of religion. The Book of Mormon was and is a means of showing that Heavenly Father still does inspire men to do His work and that there is another proof or record or testimony that Jesus Christ was not just a story from one book but that He truly lives and that He truly is our Savior and Redeemer of this world. With that I also know that His church is back here on this earth, restored through His truth-seeking Prophet named Joseph Smith. Show more Show less