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Hi I'm Robert Poland

I was born on my Grandpa Meyers farm 1 mile East of Iowa Falls, Iowa, in the same room as my mother.

About Me

When my parents were married, one week after Pearl Harbor was attacked my mother prayed that she could have a son and that if God would give her a son she would teach him to be a righteous man and to serve the Lord. I was born 13 months later and 3 times during my childhood she told me about this prayer and said she thought I was to become a minister. That was very upsetting to me as I had seen nothing that would make me want to make my living that way. I always wanted to fly. My dad was trained in college by the army Air Corps to fly. He got a private license and was called up for World War II service as a pilot. He was not accepted for service when they discovered he had a blood pressure problem. He never lost his love for flying. When I was 10 years old and my mother was recovering in the hospital from a serious medical problem Dad took me out to the airport for an airplane ride in a Globe Swift. it was only a 2 seater so he went up with an instructor first and then sent me up. The scenery was beautiful and I could see for miles. I had never traveled at more than 80 miles per hour and this little airplane was screaming along at 155 MPH. I was hooked by the excitement and after graduating from college I applied for Air Force Pilot Training. I was accepted and was in the 1st class to train in the Supersonic T-38. I will never forget the thrill of my first supersonic solo. My journey in finding the church was filled with excitement never to be exceeded in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a boy something terrible happened at the hands of an evil man. a man dressed in the clothes of the ministry and who deceived his congregation for years. My grandfather was a very devout Christian but when he discovered the minister was reporting less offerings received than his tithes alone he questioned him. This man began telling his trusting congregation how sorry he was that Grandpa was losing his mind and claiming ridiculous things. When my dear Grandpa got no support in exposing this man he left the church. Even Grandma thought there had to be a mistake and when he came home one Saturday night from playing cards with his german neighbors she shouted out of the window that if he did not stop this she would divorce him. In his grear hurt he responded by divorcing her after 44 years of marriage and 10 children. This horrible experience convinced me that I should never believe in organized religion. Years later, even though I had everything a young man could want I was not happy. I approached God in prayer to know if he was there and if he would help me find happiness and promised him if he would do that I would do anything and everything he would ever ask of me. I do not have space here to describe his immediate answer, but he proved the reality of his existence and that of Satan. He then gently guided me carefully into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have Happiness now and shall remain faithful to my commitments to Him.

How I live my faith

There have been many callings in my ward and the stake. I have taught virtually every class. I am far from perfect but I do try to always live in obedience to the laws of god and find that these efforts result in a very powerful presence of the Holy Spirit and a sense of true happiness. Music is a wonderful part of worship and I love to hear the fantastic presentations in ward and stake meetings. Beautiful music is always uplifting and truly does move my heart and soul to greater heights. I believe that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is the world's greatest and I never miss conference because of the music and the spirit of the talks by General Authorities and other outstanding members of the church. One of my favorite assignments is home teaching. I once taught an inactive family 5 for years. During that time they became active again. One day my Bishop asked me to visit a daughter who had some very serious problems that landed her in jail. My visit to her was the first time I had met her and we spoke for a long time. Her daughter had been taken from her. She was a very beautiful young woman and I felt inspired to promise her that if she would ask for God's help, and use all of her strength to get back on track that she would find happiness and and get her daughter back. When her father died I spoke at his funeral. After, I saw this young woman and her child. She had overcome her problems and received the promise. There is always hope for everyone.