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Hi I'm David Nithsdale

I'm a father of four (one of which has passed away). I love doing voluntary work. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love families, and doing voluntary work and helping my neighbours and try hard to be kind where-ever I am. My favourite singer who is not a member of the church is Delta Goodren. My favourite quote of hers from her first dvd is; " If you can"t say anything nice don"t say anything at all". I have four lovely children, Bethany 15, James 21, Ben 22, and Nadia who passed away at the tender age of 3. My mother died of cancer when I was seven and so I was fostered by a kind and loving methodist family.

Why I am a Mormon

Previous to joining the church I was searching for the church that could answer one burning question. When we die there can't just be heaven and hell it's too clear cut. What say you? Imagine my delight when I met two full time wonderful sisters in Scunthorpe in 1990, and they answered my question. They said that there are three kingdoms within the highest Kingdom the celestial kingdom, the highest of these is where Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Live. Then there are two other kingdoms the terrestrial and telestial kingdom and then eventually as I came to understand what they were saying they gradually converted me to the church by the power of the holy ghost. I am still in touch with both of them. The best moment in my conversion story occured when they presented me with The Book Of Mormon. I felt something very strange happen to me that I cannot really put into words except to say that I felt my dear departed mothers approval and that of my Heavenly Father whom I had loved since a very young boy. Then the two sisters invited myself and my wife at the time to church on Sunday. When they told us that the meeting would last for three hours we felt very unsure but did as they requested anyway. As we walked hand in hand down the hill to the church building we could see that this would be a special new experience for us. We were greeted so warmly and kindly by all the members that we for a short time were lost for words. Then at the end of the last meeting when everyone had vacated the sacrament hall and my wife was talking to some kindly members the sisters called me back into the sacrament hall to the piano. I had written a poem years previous to this and showed to them when they first came to visit us at our home. They asked if they could borrow it. I let them. Now one sister was seated at the piano playing a tune to my poem and the other was singing the words or maybe both were singing the words I am not sure,but something changed me that day.

How I live my faith

Faith to me is a doing word and usually gets me active in many different situations, such as doing my Home Teaching (visiting members of our church to ask if they are praying as a family and other general things but mainly asking them if they need any help). I always pray for missionary opportunities and then try my best to be open to the Spirit to act on them. One recent example was when I was in Rotherham Town Centre and I left my friend in a supermarket whilst I went to WH Smiths. On the way back to the supermarket, I felt prompted to pop into a furniture shop. Where I spoke to a young gentleman about both our religions and how similar they are in real life situations.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

David Nithsdale
All things bright and beautiful was my favourite hymn whilst I was at school, and all things denote that there is a supreme being, this is God. I love to watch the flow of a river or the waves of the sea that crash against the shoreline defences and love watching storms from my bedroom window. I so enjoy the greenery of summer and the whiteness of winter. I love animals (particularly my dog Delah) and they are so brilliant that only God could have crated them and us. I love to write poetry and take photographs that depict the nature of the world when it is behaving itself for otherwise. I see God's hand in all things that are wholesome and good, such as when he prompts me to help a friend or a neighbour Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

David Nithsdale
Faith is akin to prayer, these are both working words, but so much more than just that. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, leads us to all that our Father in heaven wants to bless us with. But faith is dependent upon our willingness to act for the greater good. We will all make mistakes, but the Atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to be forgiven if we will repent and follow God with all our heart might, mind and strength. The second commandment clearly asks us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Who is our neighbour? Everyone that has lived in the past or will live in the future is our neighbour. So in essence God is asking us to help everyone that we possibly can. We are to forgive all those who would injure or harm us, otherwise the greater sin lies with us. This is a difficult task to undertake, but God because he loves us is willing to help us every step of the way. We are never alone, He is always there to listen to us and guide us in our actions through the holy ghost. God hears your prayers and answers them even if you think otherwise. He always does what is best for you as an individual and His Love is perfect. Show more Show less