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Hi I'm Nandagopala

"I'm from Trinidad & Tobago. I'm a Music Producer/DJ. I love Trance Music and I'm a Mormon."

About Me

I'm a radio personality & professional (EDM) "Electronic Dance Music" producer/DJ. I have strong passion for Uplifting Trance, Progressive, New Age & Dance Music. I started producing at the age of 16. I love making people happy through music. I love all that is good and noble in others. Although I dedicate most of my time to radio and producing. I love sharing ideas with others, as long as the discussion is wholesome, and respectful of what others think and feel.. God has been so good to me. I was baptize in 2010. I'm currently serving a full time mission in the Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission March 26th 2013 - March 19th 2015 . I love to swim, bike, and just have a good time socializing & keeping people happy. I also enjoy tasting different foods from all around the world. I love Trinidadian food especially.

Why I am a Mormon

My mom & dad where going through intense divorce battle that last almost 6 years. After finally getting divorce, my dad moved out. My mom was going through a really tough time in her life & was desperate to finding true happiness. She attended different churches but couldn't find that PEACE she needed. One day while driving her car she saw the missionaries on the street and decided to stop them. They took her information & within a couple days missionaries started coming over to our house. They taught us & we eventually got baptized. My mom & younger sister Vrsabhanunandini were the first to be baptized in December 2009. My sister Jayagovinda & I where baptized a month later (24th January 2010) but I only did it to please my mum. One day the missionaries came over to teach us about the temple. It was the most amazing lesson we ever had. A couple days later while I was walking home from the store I saw my dad moving back into our house. I went up to my mom and ask her what was going on. She said "I really prayed about the things we learn about the temple and I've decide to give your dad a second chance to receive the blessings we've received." She told my dad he would need to start studying with the missionaries & turn his life around. After 5 months of studying with the missionaries my dad decided that he would be baptized. "It took my parents 6 years to get divorced but only less then 6 months to get remarried." This is the reason why I'm a Mormon. The Gospel Blesses Family.

How I live my faith

I love doing missionary work. Even when I'm away in studio I find myself teaching my friends via social networking sites. I currently don't have a calling in church right now but I'm always open to whatever the Lord has in store for me. I do my best each day to live as if I had Heavenly Father by my side. With good intent, honest convictions, integrity, patience, humility, hope, and a testimony of God. It is not by our success, nor our failures, either is it defined by our endeavors of life; All that matters to God is that we tried, and gave it our all. We must have the faith, the strength and the will to know that we are in His hands, that He is the captain of our soul. We must literally take a leap of faith, to allow the Lord God into our lives to guide and direct us; for he knows us better. He is our friend, He is our judge, He is our God. It is only to Him that we prove ourselves worthy to live with Him again. In whatever position, in whatever capacity, what matters most to God, is simply to Try to live His teachings. We are the children of God, each of us unique and equally important. We have each been given the freedom of choice, that we may choose to return to him one day.

What is being a Mormon like?

One of the greatest reasons for being here on earth is to "have joy" (2 Nephi 2:25). Personal prayer, scripture study, and attending church helps us better understand that the best way to find joy and happiness in this life is to know about Our Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to strive to keep God's "law" (Proverbs 29:18). Families are an essential part of God's Plan and much of how we live focuses on our families. We want to share the happiness we enjoy with everyone we can through service, missionary work, and contributing to society. Show more Show less