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Hi I'm Klarissa

I am # 13. Came with 3. A wife to 1. Mom of 5. Believer in miracles. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am # 13 on our family roster of 15 kids. (An uneven roster of 10 boys/5 girls!) I'm a triplet--stuck in the middle--of 2 sisters. In 2005 I was married to the man of my dreams. I count it my greatest blessing to have him as my companion that I get to walk through life with. Together we are more. He says he "loves me crazy" but I'm pretty sure I love him most. As his wife he lets me be what, at the very soul of me, I was born to be--a mother. I love being a mom to my 1 girl and my 4 boys. It is the most challenging, gut wrenching, awe inspiring, faith promoting, tender mercy, honor, and JOY to be a mother. I gave up a lot of things for something so much more. It is worth it everyday. I wake. I sleep. I live for them. I believe in nurturing. I believe in boundaries. Bring me a book and climb on up. Play catch. Shoot some hoops. Pass the soccer ball. Have a race. Wipe his nose for the 17th time this afternoon. Braid her beautiful hair. Correct his hitting. Tuck him in (again). Listen to their knock-knock jokes. Sing away his bad dream. Ask them 5935117305 x. Tell them I love them more. Being a mom defines me--for now. I'm in it 100%. I have a constant need for a pair of running shoes and clorox wipes and double-stuff Oreos. Exercising, blogging, flowers, hiking, camping, laughing, dancing and singing along to country music, having tickle wars (and always winning them!), crafting, decorating, reading, the beach, racing, birthdays, and family are a few of my favorite things.

Why I am a Mormon

In the Book of Mormon, it tells a story of 2000 young boys. In their teenage years, these young boys volunteered to go and fight against a mighty army. The captain of their army was a man named Helaman. Helaman writes, "And now I say unto you,"(concerning these young men) "that never had I seen so great courage...Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them. And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying: We do not doubt our mothers knew it." These boys knew that their Mothers (and their Fathers) knew and trusted in a God who could and most certainly would deliver them if they had faith and obeyed His commandments. I started out in this life as a Mormon because I was born into a family where I was taught the principles of the Gospel. My parents are Mormons, as were their parents. In my childhood home is where I learned the stories of faith that we find in scripture. As I was taught, and studied on my own, it was as if my soul was only learning things that it already knew. I had no reason to "doubt that my [parents] knew it." I knew that they knew it and with time and study I knew it too. Today, I have a family of my own. My childhood seems another lifetime. Those carefree innocent days are gone. The storms of trial have rained heavy at times. My faith has remained. I am a Mormon because I know that I have a Father in Heaven. That is the basic reason. I trust Him. I know that from Him we receive peace from the pain and trials that come in this life. I know that when we put our trust in him and obey his commandments we will be blessed. Not always how we expect or in the time we may hope, but blessings always come. This is his Church.

How I live my faith

I wake up. I remember "who" I am and strive to "act accordingly." My husbands grandfather taught this principle. To "act accordingly." That principle was passed down from his parents. And so it goes on and on. As a flower is nourished by its roots and what came before. So are we. Who we are effects those who come after. At the very core of my understanding I believe that I am, that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. We have a purpose and a potential. This understanding gives me power to strive to make good choices in the presence of alternative choices. I live my faith--with faith. What I cannot see does not matter very much to me. I believe in things I cannot see. I believe that Jesus Christ lived, that He was resurrected and that He will come again. I believe that Joseph Smith was chosen to bring back Christ's gospel in this day. I believe that through the authority and direction of God we have a living prophet to lead and guide us. I believe that families can be together forever. I live each day similar to my friends Mona from Libya or Meri from France. We do laundry in the same building, ride our children up the same elevator and do our best to do what we know. I have enjoyed the opportunity of living in NYC where a merging of worlds, cultures and religions is colliding. I smile on the Subway (which I have figured out is not kosher) but still do it anyway! I can look around a crowded train car full of different races, types, opinions, attitudes and feel connected. We are all children of the same Father. I try to live my faith by loving and serving those around me regardless of their preferences. I live my faith by serving wherever asked. I have worked with youth, I have taught songs of faith and heard them sung by tiny voices, I have organized events and taught in our women's organization. If I can find an excuse to sign up to bring chocolate chip cookies-I do!