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Hi I'm Teri Beames

I am a SAHM, Stay at home mom, I have found love and peace in Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I am a mother of 6 children, we are a yours, mine, and ours family. We really don't have steps here, only the ones we walk on. I am a mother to them all. I haven't done anything overly amazing, I do my best at doing the basics, I certainly don't do them all. I make my kids my #1 priority, and sometimes I forget to put my self at the top of the list. I have learned greatly though to not compare my worst with another's best. I teach my children good values, not because the Church tells me that I have to, but because they are good values. I love the Church because they are good values taught there as well. I support my children in their activities in all areas, and I support my wonderful, loving husband that works so hard to make such a wonderful life for us as well. I love to serve others, that is the easy part, and sometimes have a hard time receiving service, but I appreciate it so much when it is given. I have great hobbies that I love to do like sewing, crafting, and scrap booking. nothing extraordinaire. I lead a simple and demanding life, that I love and cherish. I have great friends of all faiths that love me for who I am, and I love them for who they are. I have a wonderful Son home from a mission, and one currently serving a mission. Plus 4 daughters that haven't decided, of course some are too young. I love my family. I love my neighbors and friends. I love the Gospel. I'm a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But this doesn't mean I have not been converted. I believe everyone has their own conversion story. Mine isn't some big event that made it all clear one day. It has been in small steps here and there. In high school I worked at a local store, and my boss who was searching different religions, including the LDS church gave me quite the run down of questions one night, I went home baffled of the things he told me, and confused with things I did not know. Thanks to amazing and loving parents that helped me to understand these things, I studied them, and knelt in prayer for confirmation that I belonged to the right church. It was testified to me. During College I think I wondered if it was all worth it. I did find through my own, how important it was to keep friends that kept similar values as myself. and that I really needed to not think "following the crowd" so to say was the best way to do things. It was interesting to me though, I overheard more than one person speaking poorly of the LDS church or of the prophets past and present, and it saddened me. it was more gossip than truths, and I knew within my heart that the things they were saying were wrong. I thought that this would be the last time I would hear such things and eventually removed myself form those places. It gave me such an aching pit and I knew that the words that they expounded on were misinterpreted or actually made up. I eventually married in the temple even and thought now my life will really begin. Unfortunately it wasn't what I had hoped for. 5 years and two kids later I found myself back in College, working part time, and being a single mother. 2 years later I found my husband, we joined our 2 families and added a couple more, like the sprinkle on top. Again, I am finding myself hearing the stabs at my faith, so here I am to say, I love the Gospel, I love what it teaches me I know it is true. I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Lately my callings have all been centered around playing the piano. You know when your mother told you, practice practice, one day you will be grateful you did? or you will wish you had listened? well I wished I would have listened more. So I guess the Lord is giving me this opportunity again. I have had little callings and big callings, and favorite callings and not so favorite callings, and I have learned so much from each one. I stay very active in the schools that my children attend, and I even get the opportunity to substitute teach some days when my life permits it. I find it a great way to help others, and my kids love to see me at their schools. I enjoy being a part of my neighborhood and have sweet loving people that live up and down my street of all different back grounds. They are all amazing in their own way. I love to plan a fun party for any type of event I can come up with, just because it is fun to get together with others. I live my faith through example the best I know how, and being proud of who I am. If I touch the life of at least one person for the better. Then I will be happy.

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

Teri Beames
I have 4 girls, so this is topic that we go over frequently. I ask my girls what do you want to say with the way you dress? Is it to appear "sexy" or "fashionable" keeping up with fashion can be a tricky thing. We chose to follow the guidelines that appear in the "strength for youth". It is a good guideline to follow. But ultimately especially as the girls have gotten older, allowed them to decide. Because one day they are going to have to decide this for themselves. I like 2 comments that I have heard "you don't have to look trashy to be sexy" & "you need to always leave something there for the imagination" I tell my daughters both of those things. Dressing in a modest way gives us more power, and respect than dressing immodestly. A man will respect you more, by the way you dress than anything else. This brings us into Chastity. Becoming respected also leads into being chaste. I remind my girls physical intimacy is something wonderful and amazing in the right place, and right time, reserved after marriage. It is a bond that husband and wife create to become one. If this becomes mundane with others, outside of wedlock, it is no longer sweet and special. It loses it's importance. But I also remind them by being chaste gives us much more freedom as well. Free from pregnancy outside of wedlock as well as freedom from disease. This isn't a decision that should be made only because our church teaches it. It is compounded upon because our church teaches it. Show more Show less