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Hi I'm Tyler Donohue

I grew up in Utah. I Work at updating, testing, and fixing Programs. I'm a gamer and a Mormon.

About Me

My name Is Tyler Donohue. I am distant from my relatives but I have 2 older brothers 1 dead and 1 alive, I also have one younger sister with two parents. A father and mother. I work on programs every week day. I love to play League of Legends with my friends. Win or lose it always fun. I have a game night with them also where we play retro or new games. Working out is boring to me. i'd rather play a sport like racquetball, soccer, and Frisbee. I graduated from American Fork high school. I lived in PA for over 3 years. My life has been filled with pain and death. I've been sick with many illness that would like to render me unable to play sports but I have laughed them off and continued to run on. My oldest brother committed suicide in March 2012. Many of my old friends have also died due to illnesses, but i continue my life to live it so I can end life with a smile. Playing League is my favorite thing to do, so if you know that game and are tired of not having fun, then add me. ThwartedWaffle!

Why I am a Mormon

Just the life that you see today. the fact that we are here in these bodies that are so perfect yet so imperfect that if one thing goes wrong we could die so easily. That life here sustains itself so perfectly and so imperfectly. That shows itself that there is a God. I follow the gospel because I know that one day I will die as I have witness throughout my entire life. Life doesn't ever end yet just continues in ways we don't know. I want to continue on in the best way I can. Out of fear, out of love, and out of respect for my God. there is so much more and I know that this church is true because of all the arrows that point to this church. Because of all my dead friends have I learned that unless I want to end up empty and dead, I must do something. I have lived for only a short while yet through my life experiences and trials do I know the truth. I have lived my life like this for some time and I am able to say that I not just happy but filled with pure joy that only I could experience. I was happy when I fooled around as a kid, but deep down I knew that it would all end and that I need to find something more. I asked and I received, i knocked and it was open unto me. I never want to go back to being so lost and living life with temporary happiness. I want to live my life and I want to have it end just as well.

How I live my faith

My name is Tyler Micheal Donohue. My morals are higher and they will not sway. There is no moral line but a wall that dare not go near. I am a Man, Servant, and Child of God.

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Tyler Donohue
Love is the reason people get married. Love is an emotion broken up into three basic parts, Lust, Attraction, Attachment. The first thing people do these days are the lust part which easily end a relationship and or marriage. Attraction is where most people end. they receive tons of hormones and testosterone cause them to just love to be in love. this can last for 1-3 years. after that you realize whether or not you have made the correct choice in marriage. The most impotent part is attachment, this is the true part of love that most people when in the early stages of a relationship they dismiss. Having faith in Jesus Christ since the only marriage that last out of this life is if you get sealed marriage is much more important and means you must not lust your partner, but you must love him/her. Show more Show less