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Hi I'm Amber

I'm half filipino and half white. I had brain surgery when I was ten. I'm studying Asian Studies. I'm a missionary. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Amber, and I am currently a missionary serving in Canada. I am half Filipino and half white, so i grew up with two different cultures in my home along with my mom, dad, older brother, and older sister. The traditional Filipino culture, the traditional American culture, and the modern American culture I interacted with in school clashed greatly and often when I was growing up. But now as a missionary I strive to get all three to work, or at least get along. I'm grateful for this because it makes me more aware of different cultures and allows me to be more understanding of other people's situations. When I was 10 years old I started having seizures and I was diagnosed with a 13mm brain tumor, non cancerous. That same school year it was removed and due to the location of the tumor I lost all movement in my right leg. They doctors said I might not be able to walk again. With years of physical therapy and a supportive family I was able to walk, run, and jump again. At the end of 2012 I was announce cured, which allowed me to be able to turn in my mission papers and get my call to serve to people of Canada. I love food, going to movies, reading books about Asian History, and spending time with my friends. I strive to be the best that I can be, and when I fail at that, I still try anyway.

Why I am a Mormon

When I strive to live the teachings of the church, I'm happy. When I am slacking in my beliefs, my day honestly sucks. It has taken me a while to realize this even though I've grown up active in the church and I am constantly told it. When I have tried my best to be my best and turn to the Lord to guide me in what I do, I am happy. For me, if a church's teachings lead you to happiness, if actually striving to live what the church teaches brings you happiness, makes you a better person, how can such a church, that brings you such happiness and self worth, be wrong? I know that through repentance and the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be forgiven of our sins. Have I flubbed up in life? Yes. And I had depression due to not so wise decisions and choices. I was ridden with guilt. What brought me out of it was the atonement of Jesus Christ. Knowing that Jesus Christ is there, that he cares, and that he loves me. I know that Jesus Christ will never lead me wrong. If I go down a wrong path, it's my fault. And even if I go down a wrong path, I know that Jesus Christ is there for me. He will lead me back to the right path. He will lead me to Heavenly Father. With the knowledge that I have, the knowledge that following God's plan will lead me to happiness, there is no doubt in my mind that the church is true. And once I know something is true, how can I turn my back on it? I can't. I am happy, and it is because I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I always strive to do my best. I try my best at reading scriptures and having clean thoughts. Honestly it's hard. There are days that I flub up. I'm human. I pick myself back up and try again. I think doing this shows the blessings of being a Mormon. I know that I have endless chances to improve myself, that Heavenly Father will always forgive me and be there for me.I strive to to my best as a missionary representing the church. I think an important part about being Mormon is letting other know you care. When I'm doing work and a friend comes up to me needing to talk, I drop what I'm doing and listen. I'm always there for my friends. I let them know that "I'm here" and they can depend on me. I laugh and joke and give people attention to let them know they are thought of and that I find them important. Doing this give me a great feeling of happiness and that I have a purpose, even if it's making only one person smile that day.