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Hi I'm Bob

Hi my name is Bob McCallum I joined the church about 30 years ago from a non religious background.

About Me

Hi I am Bob. I am a highly positive motivated individual and have a great family who are all very close. My wife and I run an addiction recovery group for our church where we have literally seen miracles, example people people caught up in debilitating addictions giving their lives to the Saviour and literally having the desire for the addiction to be removed from them. On our first date my wife and I went to an addiction recovery meeting to help my brother who was an addict since then we have had a desire to help others in a similar circumstance. The Lord uses us as instruments to help others and we are also blessed in the process. God answers prayers not just for Mormons but anybody, I feel they prayers are answered faster when you are seeking help for others. I do have a powerful testimony that the church is true I have a powerful testimony that there is life after death and this is a blessing in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I have a deep deep desire to help people in this life I have always worked hard at 13 going to school and having 2 jobs. There is a great peace following your religion I simply love it it makes me happy trails make you strong and understood you do grow from them. I have personally experienced around 30 different illnesses in 7 years 30 visits hospital would try your faith that said God is never far away. The reason I am a Mormon is I know that God lives and Jesus is the Christ how I can say that without fear of contradiction because of sacred experiences I have personally had just like millions of others. God says when you are helping others you are helping him. If you are overcoming addiction depression etc. get into your local community and ask God who you can help as you help others you feel great. My church is a church of action and I am so so grateful for that. I do know as you study the scriptures Bible and Book of Mormon you feel a peace in is a real peace it comes from above, The peace you experience is Gods spirit coming to you the more you sacrifice your time and talents to help others the happier you are. If I could sit with you for 5 minutes I could explain better in simple terms there is a God and he loves all his children he does, I don’t know everything but I do know the love is wonderful. Repentance is the key whom, God loves he chastises that is difficult to bear that said as you come out of the world follow God that is where the peace is . Drugs drink sex the world has it wrong.

How I live my faith

My church gives me great opportunities to grow I have worked with the youth of the church. Service projects are great in the local community example planting hundreds of bulbs in the local park, clearing rubbish along the canal banks of the local canal, clearing an old church yard of overgrown trees bushes weeds etc. so people can find the graves of their loved ones, it goes on and on. On a monthly bases I visit with some of the older members of my church if they don’t turn up on Sunday I will ring a few of them just like other brothers and sisters do in our church to see if they are ok. I preside over a number of the more mature brothers in the church and make sure they are ok we all help each other just like any Christian organisation. In the community example we collected emergency packs soap toiletries etc. put them in bags and delivered them to the local shelter for families experience domestic violence. We pushed a hospital bed a few miles and raised money for the tsunami the local Red Cross worked with our church providing collecting tins etc. I have been involved in bed push for Red Nose day raising substantial sums. My friend is a devout catholic she feeds the people who literally sleep on the streets of Manchester she is a true Christian I do know that other groups are involved I am grateful for their example of charity, I did help in a drop in canter for the poor this was an example of churches working in the community together. The Samaritans I have worked for twice now great organisation great people I feel I am blowing my own trumpet what I am trying to say as you give your live to the Lord you just want to help in your community I organised my neighborhood watch scheme, in my area ,also worked as a volunteer at the local youth club. Our church encourages to be involved in the local community it’s great fun.