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Hi I'm Kadie

I'm a student, feminist, humanitarian, artist, outdoor enthusiast, and a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently an extremely busy college student that is trying to balance 2-3 jobs at a time, a full class load, volunteering in a research lab, performing my own research, family, social, and so much more! I am currently studying Public Health because I love the idea of helping people. When I was younger, a tornado hit a town near my own and I went with some of the clean up crews to help the people there. That day changed my life. As I saw the wreckage and how I could help by simply being a willing hand, I knew that I wanted to use my life to make a difference. That day started me down the road to Public Health. Since that time, I have attended college at Brigham Young University, have been part of a start-up Non-profit focused on bringing neonatal ventilator/CPAPs to the developing world, and have learned and grown so much! In my free time I love to hike, rock climb, go backpacking, and pretty much be outside. I love the peace that one can get from being in nature, away from the everyday hustle of the city. I have a goal to hike every mountain (in my home state of Colorado) over 14,000 feet in my lifetime. Aside from the outdoors, I am an artist. I paint and draw with mainly a focus on landscapes and architecture. I am the youngest of four siblings and grew up spending a ton of time with my extended family. Family means the world to me. In the past, I served as a full-time missionary in the country of Slovenia for a year and a half. . . . And that's me! :)

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because of the teachings and values associated with this Church. I believe the teachings regarding eternal families and how one can be happy--by following Jesus Christ. I believe this to be Christ's Church and the Book of Mormon to be true. I love the Book of Mormon because of the closeness I feel to Jesus Christ when reading its pages. This gospel gives me hope that I did not have before. This gospel makes me want to be better and gives me the hope that I can be, through the help and example of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

Faith has not come easily for me. Though I grew up in a Mormon family, I did not easily believe in God or Jesus Christ. I remember feeling so frustrated that I couldn't understand what my family was proclaiming. However, I decided to find out for myself if 1) God was real 2) Jesus Christ was the son of God and 3) if this is the true church as so many people claimed. So, I did just that. I began to try and really pray to God--after sometime I felt that he was there and that he loved me. There are so many coincidences in this life, I don't believe they are coincidences but rather God's divine mercies. I read the New Testament and I came to understand Jesus Christ as my Savior. I now love him as my Redeemer. Lastly, I read the Book of Mormon and I finally came to understand what my family had taught me for so long, that the Church of Jesus Christ is the true Church of God on this Earth. As such, I live my faith be being the best person that I can be. I try every day to be a little better, to live more honestly, be kinder, learn more about Christ, and to seek his will. I am nowhere near perfect but I believe and I am sincerely trying to live by the teachings of this Church. As such, I attend Church every Sunday, I read my scriptures, I pray to God morning and evening, and much more. I recognize that I will often fall short, but that is not something depressing or halting because I know that with God and Christ's help, that I can become better and try again. My faith means so much to me that I put my educational and vocational goals on pause for a year and a half so that I could serve as a full-time missionary in Slovenia. While there, I walked the streets, talked to people, and taught about what my faith is, what it means to me, and how it can help us all to be happy. Everyday I choose my faith, I choose to believe. It's not always easy. Sometimes I get mad, confused, frustrated, and/or apathetic BUT I feel that this is true, so I continue to choose and live it.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

A mission is a choice. One's decision to serve a mission is between he or she and God. Though as the official Church statements says, "there is a strong tradition of missionary service," it is always the choice of the individual to serve or not to serve a mission. The decision to serve a mission is often because of one's love for God and his son Jesus Christ and a desire to serve them along with the desire to share with others what has brought one hope and joy in life. The desire to share the gospel through a mission comes from having one's life changed to be full of happiness and then wanting to help others find peace and happiness in life as well. I know that for my personal decision to serve a mission, it was because I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am so very grateful for his love for me and his atonement that has brought light to my life and has made my heart and soul whole. I love the people I am to serve on my mission and hope that I may be able to help one person find joy in their life through the hope and peace of the gospel. I want to serve and know that through my service, I will be blessed. I have felt it already. Happy as I was, I have become happier. Through serving others we can find true joy and happiness in life. For those reasons, I have chosen to serve a mission. Show more Show less