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Hi I'm Nicole

I double every recipe. I ask as many questions as a 5 year old. I LOVE learning and creating. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was that little girl on the corner with a Kool-aid stand, starting clubs, and doing projects. In high school I happily embraced the lifestyle of a "yearbook nerd" which helped me realize the three things I love doing most: learning about people, creating, and having fun. Now I'm a college student studying advertising and business. I love it because it allows me to learn as much as I can about everything and funnel it into creating something fantastic. The idea of studying advertising put me on the fence a bit because I don't want to spend my life selling stuff. Instead, I plan on using the skills I learn to start a business, something that improves the world. I want to be rich. Not to live a luxurious life, but to be empowered to be an instrument in God's hands to help people. Of course, this is all going on hold for a bit because I'll be dedicating 18 months to a higher cause and serving an LDS mission. I'll be serving in the Texas, Houston East mission and can hardly wait.

Why I am a Mormon

Many years ago, a lovely Danish woman and a happy German man met. Both had discovered the gospel of Jesus Christ in Europe, joined the church, and traveled to Utah where they fell in love, were married in the Salt Lake temple, and began a family and a life together. 60 years, 8 kids, and 41 grandchildren later, here I am. I have grown up with the blessing of the gospel my whole life. I know it is true. Not because it's tradition or because being Mormon is common in Utah. I know it because I have lived it, studied it, prayed and pleaded to know. I've seen how it affects lives. It has changed mine. The gospel of Jesus Christ is just that: it's His. I know that we are not here by accident or coincidence, but that there is a big picture. Life is like having a puzzle piece and doing our best to figure out where it goes, but thankfully God has the box cover and knows how it all fits together. (In fact, He "made the puzzle.") God has a plan for us and it's all about "becoming." Jesus Christ is central to God's plan because His atonement provides a way for us to become clean and become more than we could ever become alone. I've experienced the power of the atonement in my own life and felt God's love for me and for all of His children. That lovely Danish woman and that happy German man, my grandparents, have raised a family with God. Besides any testimony that I have gained for myself, if there is anything I have close to "evidence" of the truthfulness of the gospel, it can be found on a Sunday night in my grandma's living room when our big family is talking and laughing together. The spirit at those moments touches my heart and I think that it must be a little preview of what Heaven will be like. Everything about the gospel centers around families. It gives us the way to be with our families forever. It brings true and utter joy. And that's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I'm always amazed at how the church is fueled by service. No one gets paid or compensated for the time they spend being leaders, teachers, or doing any of the many callings that contribute to the work. But there are so many blessings associated with serving in the church. A few months ago, I was called to teach the 16 and 17-year-olds in our ward. Being only 20, I didn't feel at first that I could be their teacher, I was so intimidated by them! But I know that whenever the Lord asks us to do something, He also gives us the strength and ability to do it. It's been quite an experience as we've gotten to know each other and I've learned so much about teaching. This past week, I gave them a challenge in class to take objects and relate them to the atonement. Then basically, they taught the class. I felt like a proud mother, they knocked it out of the park! They totally shined and I had so much faith in them and their potential. In any walk of life or faith, we've all felt that "warm fuzzy" that comes with serving others. The best blessing of service is that feeling, I believe it's the love that Jesus Christ has for those we are serving transferred through us. It expands our hearts and our capacity to love. I live my faith by serving the Lord by serving those He loves. Which is everyone.