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Hi I'm Britta

I love being active! I'm more a gourmand than a gourmet. I love books and hot chocolate. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

There's a joke that probably describes me best: "Do you have a hard time making decisions? - Yes and no." I am still figuring out where to go with my B.A. or what to study next. I love languages and learning them right on the spot living in other cultures - it is incredible to me how delicious food exists in such a variety! I also enjoy living in cities where I can go anywhere I'd like to go by bike. I love being out and about, cruising around on my bicycle, chilling in parks, running, walking around unfamiliar cities, hiking (though I don't get to do that a lot)... Reading a good book or talking, playing games and cooking with friends are probably my favourite ways to spend time indoors - especially on cold, rainy days! Since I like eating so much, I should probably learn how to cook, which has been on my mental to-do-list, but hasn't quite worked out yet. Most of the time I chop what people give me to chop. Other things I like include but are not limited to going to concerts / live music performances, dancing (ballroom over freestyle or that's what I feel more comfortable with), poetry slams, maps and dictionaries, baked goods, parentheses (in case you haven't noticed), a healthy lifestyle, pencil drawing, having warm feet, analogies, bicycles, elephants, chocolate, ... I'm Miss Scatterbrain so I probably forgot something.

Why I am a Mormon

Knowing why I am here on earth and what the major goal is gives me purpose and direction. When things are not going my way it comforts me that I can use that experience as an excellent opportunity to learn ( unfortunately sometimes it takes me longer to get to that point in a specific situation). The teachings and doctrine of Christ are wonderful, real power or value or happiness though comes, to me at least, from applying the principles. One of those things is to study my scriptures. Especially reading in the Book of Mormon helps me a lot. For me that is the easiest way I have found yet of receiving personal revelation. When I am dealing with a difficult situation and pray for help, most times it comes when I pick up my Book of Mormon and read in it and somehow people in it seem to go through very similar situations or talk about the exact thing I need to know at that point. It also shows me in countless instances the Savior's love for us. I was raised with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ but why I decided to stay with it and really be a member by choice: Not only because it makes sense but what is more essential to me is that it works. I do feel the Spirit and get answers for me personally when I read in the Book of Mormon. I love hearing and reading the words of the prophet and apostles. Something inside me just senses that this is right and true. Most of all, those times when I really need more than I have or am and kneel in prayer and put forth my trust and faith, something inside me changes. I feel peace and new strength. I can be okay even when circumstances are not. That's what the atonement means for me at this point. Life doesn't necessarily get less tough and I still have to make decisions. Having an eternal perspective / bigger picture helps putting things into place. So translating what I believe into my day to day actions is something I work on daily. Some days are better than others.

How I live my faith

My staples are studying the scriptures (well, sometimes I just read them, but I try not to do it too often but really get into it and think about it and make it applicable to what I am going through at that point), praying (of course before I eat and also together with my family, but most essential my individual conversations with Heavenly Father), and attending Sunday services. Going to religious classes for young adults throughout the week, where we study the scriptures together or talk about important principles is something I enjoy as well. And then of course, the most crucial, simple yet not always easy task is to really live it, get down into it and do it - reminding myself constantly what is my bigger goal in life and how should I act this very moment in order to progress towards it or what would Jesus do, for reals, how can I act in a way right now that is more like what He would have done and less like impulsive me, what do I have to do to change into the person that Heavenly Father wants me to become. Talking about struggles with friends (same profession or not), they cheering me up or I encouraging them or simply getting it all out have proven helpful to me as well. Remembering all of that in the moment things are happening - daily struggle, but so worth it! Oh and then people at church ask if you could help out with this and would you be able to jump in and do that? Serving others is actually quite character building and helps me to accomplish what I want to do a lot better than just focusing on myself would. Killing two birds with one stone, helping two people with one activity / act of help / task - ingenious!