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Hi I'm Patrick Stuart

I'm a Navy brat from SoCal and Okinawa. I like a bit of everything, particularly a good adventure, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a missionary in Whittier, California at the moment. I enjoy mastering spanish and learning what's really important in life; as I fill my days with service and struggle, I'm finding answers to life's big questions. I suppose the best word to describe me would be "unconventional". Growing up I had this obsession with Legos that bordered on schizophrenic; I would assemble crazy spaceships, castles and who knows what into an entire, new universe, decide what sorts of magic or pseudo-science proliferated, assemble a cast of characters, and spent weeks or even months evolving their lives into dramatic fights, emotional confrontations, and finally a peaceful conclusion. I suppose it was mostly out of my innate desire for adventure. After my family got stationed in Japan, I started to leave the legos and video games of my youth for the adventures to be had in reality. My childhood of forced piano and swim lessons came in handy as I somehow made it into the school choir and eventually joined a band, and found a job as a lifeguard. Although I'm not particularly good at any of that, with some effort I managed to get by. I've found that that's really the pattern of life: nobody's perfect, but we don't have to be. If we put in some effort, we'll make it by, and then Jesus Christ can help us out with the rest.

Why I am a Mormon

I guess that even if I didn't believe in God and everything I've been taught, I would probably not live much differently. The principles that the Gospel teaches are not just some arbitrary code that a petty god has burdened us with. God has taught us throughout all time the actual, practical ways to be happy, because His way is The Way, and anything that is good is God's. That being said, there are good things that you just can't have without actually being a part of God's Church. Paying tithing is a great example of something that makes no sense from a worldly perspective, but is a huge blessing regardless. And as mortal men, we naturally have a tendency to forget God's way when left to our own desires, which leads us to become small-minded, unhappy, and dependent on meaningless pleasures. Indeed, it isn't just Salvation in the next life that Christ has given to us; it's also a happier, more rewarding experience in this life.

How I live my faith

I'm serving as a Missionary, which basically means that I put in some papers, God calls me through a Prophet to serve somewhere in the world, and then I leave everything behind (everything) and go find and teach as many people as I can. I miss my old clothes, my car, my guitars, movies, dating, and having a great job... But now I wear a tie and nametag, ride a bike, study scripture and teach lessons instead. This is the best job I can have as a young man! I look forward to finding a companion and starting a family one day, which is really life's greatest work. I love my family more than anything else I've ever known. I'm eternally grateful for them.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Patrick Stuart
I think if anybody looks long and hard at their life, they can find times that God has directed them. I was taught to pray from my early childhood, and since I've started my life has been full of meaningful communication with God. I find that God puts into our minds ideas, feelings, memories, and questions that are important for our progression if we make ourselves available to Him, such as by praying. Often I have been guided through impressions to scriptures that were important for me. Finally, I've had my testimony strengthened in times of doubt by others around me. They have felt God in their lives as well. I know that they are people of integrity, and that they have felt the Holy Spirit tell them this is true; how else can there exist an invisible force so powerful and responsive? God gives comfort and peace, if you honestly search for it. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Patrick Stuart
I have a special testimony of Faith. Soon after my 19th birthday, I started having some serious doubts about the veritability of the Church and the Book of Mormon. However, I knew that God existed, because we'd had many meaningful experiences together, and I knew that Jesus Christ was real, because I'd felt his forgiving power clean my soul. I knew I had to read and pray to know that the Book of Mormon is true, but day after day I felt nothing in my heart. This is what faith means to me now: It took me almost a month to feel the Holy Ghost tell me that the Book of Mormon is true. But that whole time, I decided to remain faithful to the things I believed God had put into my life. Even though it was hard, I proved my faith and God eventually rewarded me so much for it. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Patrick Stuart
It's challenging, rewarding, and meaningful. Being a member of the Church means that you have to set your priorities straight. Do you want security in this life, and after? Are you willing to sacrifice your pride to earn it? Are you willing to sacrifice a wordly pleasure in order to strengthen your family? Is honesty important enough to lose money or power? Of course, the ultimate goal is Happiness. It can't be gained by yourself; you need Jesus Christ to get it. It won't be just for you; you'll enjoy it with those you love. All of our sacrifices, in the end, bring us happiness. Show more Show less