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Hi I'm Natalie

I grew up on a dairy. I go to BYU. I play sax and piano. I'm an ROTC cadet and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a student and participate in the ROTC program. I've been part of several different majors, but decided on English for now. In the long run I want to be a pilot for the US army and fly some Blackhawks. Super simple intro, but covers what I believe I need to do in life. At one point I wanted to go to Julliard and write and perform music day in and day out, but it is as though my plan didn't line up with God's plan for me. I still might not know EXACTLY what I am going to do with my life. I may be just some college student, but I know that God is on 'team Natalie' and He's rooting for me 100% of the way. Even when I want to drop dead when I'm out on a run, even when I have to memorize a song for a performance and I have less the a week to do so, even when there's a final in a class that I struggle with. I know that God has my back and He's there to help me through.

Why I am a Mormon

Some people are the religion they are because they were born into it. Some people are the religion they are because their friends are in that religion. I never wanted to fit into one of these categories. I wanted to be the religion I was because I knew it was the right religion, not because my parents told me that I needed to be a certain way, and not because my friends told me to be a certain way, but because I choose how I wanted to believe. I know I was born into the LDS church and I know most of my friends have been LDS, so it's been easier for me to believe, but at the same time I've had to work through all the 'why do I believe' questions more so then most people I know. I questioned why I couldn't do things that appeared 'fun,' I wondered why God would put one church over another, and the answers haven't all come at once, but they've come as I work through trials and as I pray to my Heavenly Father for help and strength, the answers have come. They may come a little slower at times, but I know that every prayer is heard, and although the answers may not come when we like, they do come. I know prayer is real. I know that God sent us here to do more then 'eat, drink, and me merry' but rather work, pray and feel joy. By living the gospel standards and learning about the basic principles of the gospel, my life has been filled with an incredible amount of joy.

How I live my faith

I understand more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ I have come to realize that the gospel is all about love. As you love and care for those around you, you bless not only their lives, but you're own. I have several friends that have been dealing with some issues in life that are not the easiest to even talk about, but as I've realized that by showing love I can help them through addictions, breakups, finals weeks and other little trials life throws at us sometimes. I guess in a semi roundabout way I am saying that I live my faith be loving others and helping others. Because the Gospel isn't about getting just us to heaven, it's about bringing everyone we love to heaven with us. Which is the reason I decided to serve a mission for my church and give up 18 months of my life to serve the Lord. I am currently serving in the Scotland/Ireland mission in Stornoway, which is on the Isle of Lewis!!