What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Don Aivan Walker

I'm an artist, a writer, a poet, an entertainer, & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Since I was a young boy, my favorite holiday has been Halloween. I was always drawn to the change of the season, the atmosphere, the mood. Plus getting free candy was always a bonus. I loved everything about it. Eventually this lead to me working at a local Haunted House; Nightmare on 13th. I wasn't living life the way I should have been before this. For the Longest time I didn't want to even be a member let alone associate with anyone from the Church. I felt alone and isolated. It was then that I learned that Nightmare had many workers that were or had Mormon backgrounds, including the owner who was a Bishop. I started to feel accepted and even okay with being a member. I felt at home there, a place that I could be both Mormon and a Halloween fanatic. Many of the people there helped me get back on track, helped me open up and inadvertently got to go on my Mission. When I complete my two year mission, I hope to return to Utah and open up my production company: Come What May Productions. It will be a multi-art production company to promote many local artists and help others; members and nonmembers; express themselves through their art: painting, dance, music, acting, writing, film, etc. I want to bring art and beauty into the world that has a uniqueness to it. It will be primarily uplifting art that is to be done to a set of standards so that all may enjoy. I am a Hopeless Romantic I love writing I love Halloween I love Movies I love my Lord who has helped me through so much!

Why I am a Mormon

I wasn't always a strong member of the Church. And honestly the first reason for my reactivity was because of a girl. But I had questions of the soul I wanted answered and in my search for answers I quickly learned that the LDS Church was the only one that held all the answers. It was a long and hard process, I had to change many things in my life & allow the Lord to Transform me into a completely new person, but it was worth it. I am a better person now compared to who I was then. And my testimony of this faith has grown stronger and stronger. There is a unity in this Church I have only felt once elsewhere; Family. I didn't care a lot about how others felt or how I treated them, This was before I realized we are one HUGE family and Family is one the most important things in my life and I soon learned that the Church was like one Big Family. You won't always get along with members of your Family but there is always love and acceptance there. You know that they love you & you love them right back. I have messed up time and time again but it's okay because I know that as long as I am doing my best & trying my hardest that I can overcome and come out on top. I have learned so much while out here on my mission. I was brought very low many times in humility and I learned to forgive quickly. To let go of my anger or not to be right about everything. I also learned to overcome many of the shortcomings that have plagued me my whole life. To be able to ask for help and rely on the Lord and those he directs me to for answers. I learned to trust members & other missionaries and to sacrifice small things for greater things later. What I really learned are three things: Obedience really does bring the blessings of Heaven. Sacrifices are always repaid, ten fold! and Change is not a bad thing at all. These are the principles I live by and Know are true. This Faith helps me to be Happy and live a better life. That is why I can say with full confidence that I love being a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I've lived a difficult life. I have made poor choices and have treated others poorly in my life. I had been hurt a lot which harden me against the Church and it's teachings. Because of that I had a hard time trusting others. I even had a hard time trusting God. But He never abandoned me. I once read that God doesn't give us anything that we cannot handle (I guess God thinks I'm Awesome!) But he led me to where I am now and has allowed me to have certain trials in my life to help refine me from a lousy lump of coal into a precious diamond. I live my faith by being goofy and funny for others in the hopes of making someone else's life a little brighter. I try to lift them up or put a smile on their face, or get them laughing, so they can see for themselves that life isn’t so hard, difficult, lonely, or depressing. I know that through faith in Christ’s Atonement, we can all begin again and again. It was through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that I was able to overcome the challenges and hardships of my life. The Lord helped me overcome many of the things that I was facing: My depression, my doubts, even an addiction. The Lord help me want to be a part of this Church, to see that being a member didn't mean I had to give up my identity or my uniqueness, but that I got to be part of something so much bigger than I ever thought. That Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can forget the past and move on. That I don't HAVE to look behind me and I can "Keep moving forward", knowing that Christ has been and is with me every step of the way. That everything will get better. I am currently serving as a missionary for the Lord in Pittsburgh. Everyday provides a new and exciting challenge, something new for me to face and to overcome as I work hard to bring souls to Christ. I hope I can live up to my Father in Heaven's expectations and that I can be able to give back a little and help try to make this life just a little better for everyone. I live my faith by Keep moving forward.

Are Mormons Christians?

Don Aivan Walker
Yes. The very definition of Christian is someone who believes and follows Christ. Which we do! Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Don Aivan Walker
No we do not worship Joseph Smith. We honor and respect Joseph Smith as a leader who taught the teachings of Jesus Christ and God. He was a man, a great man but just a man. A leader, a Prophet, a great example. But he taught us to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ & His Gospel , and to live by the example Jesus has set for us. Show more Show less