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Hi I'm Matthew Robinson

I'm from Alabama, I'm an up-and-coming Aerospace Engineer (Rocket Scientist), pilot and amateur author. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm very passionate about aerospace, which is, anything that's above the ground, airplanes, spaceships, I particularly love spaceships! I aim to be a rocket scientist for my career (aerospace engineer). Few things are as beautifully astounding to me as the intricate and ingenious design of spacecraft like SpaceX's "Dragon" capsule, Falcon 9 rocket, or the absolutely majestic, but recently-retired Space Shuttle. I'm not always outgoing, and I can enjoy peace and quiet, but I also love adventure. I've been scuba diving, loved it like crazy, and first thing I'm gonna do once I'm back from my mission is get my pilot's license! I love flying like really crazy! I love philosophy, psychology, physics, science fiction and even calculus! In fact, I've got quite a few science fiction ideas of my own I'd like to "pen down" some time. I'm even a little bit of an artist... I love to draw, but have a tremendous amount of improving to do before it's worthy to be seen! Haha! I'm a Freshman at BYU, hoping to get into the Mechanical Engineering program there. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous! I also started a "BYU Bronies" club there, and joined the BYU Mars Rover team - it's full of 3rd and 4th year students, but they let humble little Freshmen in to help, too! They compete in simulated Mars Rover competitions against colleges from around the world every year with the Mars Society. Our rover is one of the best! Also, while you're reading this, I'm probably on a mission!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a very analytical, prove-it-to-me kind of guy (I'm a born engineer), as such, sometimes I struggle with the idea of Faith. What is Faith, anyways? Of course something will seem true, if I try to convince myself, a little voice in my head sometimes says. But there's more to Faith than just believing without question. Faith is trust in God. I remember some lines from some movie: "I need you to trust me." "Well, I could trust you if you could just explain everything to me!" "If I could explain everything to you, I wouldn't need you to trust me." Faith is a kind of trust, a trust we have because we love God. Faith is also like courage. Would you say someone can have courage if they aren't scared? Of course not. Courage is overcoming fear. Likewise, Faith is overcoming doubt, while it is also trust. And after Faith, often comes the confirmation, or the miracle. After I reply to that little nagging voice with faith, I remember some amazing experiences I've had. A mother heard a child's prayer, by the Holy Ghost, from miles away, and came to his comfort. That prayer was answered, just like that! Atheists and that nagging voice may often say; "where is your evidence?", but what could be greater, more tangible evidence than that? As for my LDS faith in particular - I know it's true. The Holy Ghost has testified to it countless times, within The Kingdom and it's Gospel, I have found the witness of the Holy Ghost as I have nowhere else. I know it's true. It's beautiful, and elegant. I find beauty in The Gospel, we believe in eternal principles and laws, and as someone who loves science, I love that. Matter has its laws of how it interacts in spacetime, giving rise to science and physics. Likewise, morals, right and wrong, emotions and consciousness - things science struggles with - have their own laws, and these laws, which bring happiness and meaning into our lives, can be found in beautiful elegance and harmony in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith by doing the small and simple things that we should do, that build our testimonies and help us to overcome the challenges of this life. Daily scripture study, morning and nightly prayers, attending church regularly, the small and simple things that build a firm foundation for our lives. As of March 27th, 2013, I will enter the MTC as a full-time missionary for my faith. During that time, I'll be giving up social media, entertainment, and all my time to willingly serve in Christ's kingdom, because I love Him so dearly.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Matthew Robinson
We need a savior because we're imperfect and mortal. Justice demands we pay the price for what we've done wrong. It demands we suffer for our wrongs. Mercy, however, demands we be loved and forgiven for anything wrong we do. God would not be a perfect God unless he could fulfill both of these eternal principles, yet they demand different things, it seems. So how is He to handle our imperfections, our transgressions and sins? By sacrifice. The Savior was perfect, as such, justice had no claim on Him. However, he suffered and died because of the sins of others, and during the atonement he suffered all of our pains, so Justice has had its claim fulfilled. He also overcame death, and rose again on the third day after his crucifixion. Because of that, Mercy can have claim on us if we make use of Christ's atonement, and we can be forgiven our trespasses. However, we must make use of the atonement for that forgiveness, and we do that by repenting, where we confess our sin to God, and whoever we wronged, ask for forgiveness, repair what damage we've done, and forsake that sin. Also, because he rose again on the third day, we too, when we die, can rise again to immortality in His Salvation. It is because he conquered death that it has "lost its sting", and we can live forever. Finally, when we rise to immortality, we could not dwell with our perfect God, due to our own guilt which would torment us forever, were it not for his Atonement that allows us to be forgiven. Show more Show less