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Hi I'm Charlene

I grew up in milk house turned into a comfortable home for a loving family of a Dad, Mom, and 8 children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up as a middle child always wanting what my sister just older than I had. School was easy for her and very hard for me. She was very popular and outgoing, I was shy. She had boyfriends, I was afraid I never would and that I would never be a mother. I did find that Mr. Right and we have not one, but nine wonderful babies that are all grown and have provided us, so far, with twenty wonderful grandchildren. You can’t ask for better than that! When we married my husband was a freshman in college so I worked to support us, that was until our children started coming. I was then able to stay at home and tend neighbors children while their mothers worked. I did this until my ninth child started first grade. You've probably heard of children getting jobs because someone knew their parents. Well I got a job because someone knew my children. I went to apply for a job with the school district and the person doing the hiring had, a few years before, been a crossing guard at the school where my children walked to school. She recognized the last name and asked if I was related to these children. When I told her I was their mother she said “you are hired”. I was able to work part time and have the same days off as my children for many years making sure that I could be with them. I enjoy camping, sports and organizing things with spreadsheets.

Why I am a Mormon

In 1855 my father’s Great Grand Parents (George & Naomi Ware) and my mother’s 3rd Great Grand Parents (William & Margaret McFarland) took their families from Liverpool to New Orleans in America on the Charles Buck Ship. There were 403 people on the ship, which was held up a month for repairs. During this time of repairs, some of the supplies came up missing without the knowledge of those in charge. As it turned out there was not enough food to make the entire trip and because of this George Ware gave his share of food to his children. Ruth, my Great Grandmother was one of these children. Her dad made it to Wichita Kansas before dying from the results of his actions. He sacrificed his all for family and the Gospel. Four years later Ruth married William Hodson The story has been handed down that William’s father, John, had property bordering on the road going to Carthage and John was out in his field when the Prophet Joseph Smith rode by him and told him good bye on his way to Carthage Jail. John buried a child in Nauvoo, stayed to build wagons for people to go to Utah and then later went himself. He went through all of this yet he let an incident over water rights between him and his Bishop cause him to take all of his family, and their families and leave the church. That is except one family, my Great Grandfather William & his wife Ruth. William was willing to go with his father and the rest of the family, but Ruth told him he would have to choose between his dad and her because she would not turn her back on the church, and if he did, that would be the end. He chose her, so today their posterity is still active in the church. William and Ruth had 11 children. Five of those children died before they were 5 years old. This was very hard on the family, but even through these trials they stayed true to the Gospel. Because my parents had good examples they in return were good examples to me and taught me to Love the Lord.

How I live my faith

I live My Faith by trying to keep the commandments, being a good example, and fulfilling my callings in the Church. I am currently preparing to serve a second mission, with my husband, in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission. Our first mission was served in the England London South Mission. We set a goal to serve missions together 45 years ago when we first married. It is a joy and a challenge that is stretching me and I know will strengthen me. My favorite calling has been that of Assistant Stake Camp Director. I loved working with the Young Women and in spending time with them at camp. Camping has been a love of mine since I was a Young Woman and attended camp with my ward. I have attended at least 20 years of Young Women Camps from the time I turned 12 years old. This love of camping and being in the outdoors has carried over to my family. Camping is really a lot of work and it seems that all I do is cook and clean up, and cook some more, but for some reason being away from home and all the distractions just seems different. It seems like I am doing it more out of love than out of duty. My family will probably raise an eyebrow about me wanting to be in the out of doors with them, because I wouldn’t do much hiking and climbing with them. I usually had a little one that stayed in the car with me. Then when they were all big enough to go, I would still hang back at the car. I am famous with my children for a quote of “If you have seen one rock, you have seen them all.” This was in Southern Utah so this is not the case, but I was so nervous when they all started climbing around that I would get almost physically ill. I knew that they needed to grow and experience things in life, but I wanted to keep them all safe so I just had to distance myself to let go and let that happen.