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Hi I'm Ethan Elison

I grew up in California where it is very diverse and I learned to have a lot of tolerance towards others. Service is the way.

About Me

I started to swim when I was about ten and man I cannot stop. It taught me to never quit and to just push through the hard times. I'm on a mission in Manchester England. I know that I should be going because i have had experiences that have happened in these past months that have shown me that the Lord is watching over me and He has a plan for me. I moved to Idaho when I was in my sophomore year of high school and I have grown to love doing outdoor activities. My friends and I go surfing in the canals around here and we also go cliff jumping everywhere. I have also picked up fly fishing when I moved to Kimberly. I have climbed mountains with my old quorums and we have climbed Mount Langley, which is right by Mount Whitney, which is the tallest mountain in the lower 48. Being out here in England has also shown me how the church is the same everywhere you go. The church doesn't change as you travel, the people can, but the church does not. The church was just like now in the past and it will continue to be the same in the future.

Why I am a Mormon

I simply like the way the gospel makes me feel. I have seen this gospel change lives all the way around for the better and I want to bring that change to others. I also know the joy of being able to know that families can be together for ever. That's something that I have learned and now I really understand how key that is to be really happy. I am a Mormon because you of the forgiveness that Jesus Christ gives to me. I have come to know because of him i can return t live in Gods presense and become perfected. I will be able t do all things. So the power of the forgiveness is given to all. For me its something that shows how much God really loves us. He gave us someone that can Redeem us from all our mistakes and help us along the way. Jesus Christ is the one who knows what we have been through because he has felt all we have. I love how personal our relationship can be with our Father in Heaven. We can be close to him if we want or far away to him. Its all our choice. I think for me just one of the big things is the Agency or freedom we are given in this church to chose all we want but we will take the conscience of it. I believe freedom to chose is the greatest gift I have been given and we all have. Everything is our chose if we want to accept the Father and His Son or if we dont. Its all up to us.

How I live my faith

I went to a high school where there was only about 15 Mormons in a school of about 3,200 students. All of the Mormons had to stand up for what they believed in but we never tried to offend anyone for the stuff that we would stand for. I know I'm supposed to be going on a mission and that there are people there that want and need the gospel in their lives.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Ethan Elison
No its just a choice. I chose to go on my mission since I know it will change me for the better. I have many LDS friends that chose not to go on a mission and they are just doing what they want but I'm here dedicating two years of my time to the Lord since he has blessed me with so much. This is a huge sacrifice but its one that I'm willing to give so that I can show unto the Lord what I will do for him. Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Ethan Elison
With the right authority we can be cleansed from our sin and be washed clean, this can only be done with the right authority. God has given us the correct authority to act in his name and do baptisms. Not everyone can have it though. Someone who doesn't have the correct authority is just having someone go down in water, they just cant do it. Its like me inviting someone into your house, I'm not allowed to since I wasnt given by you the permission to let someone in. This is the same way baptism is since this is the first step to entering into Gods Kingdom. Show more Show less