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Hi I'm Leo

I was born in El Salvador. I write poetry, compose music, and participate in most all performing arts. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a full time missionary, serving in Utah Ogden, Spanish speaking. I love it! My passion besides being a missionary is music. Ever since I could hold anything that makes noise in my hands, I've been in love with it. I played violin, trombone, and piano to begin with. As I moved into high school, I expanded my list by learning basically all brass instruments, a bit of flute and saxophone, and percussion. I did marching band, and during junior and senior year, I was the drum major. I also did winter percussion from my sophomore until my senior year. I love performing as well. Did show choir during my senior year, but always participated in church plays and concerts. I love to make stuff, and cook too. I write music both lyrical and instrumental. In a nutshell, if it relates any way to art, or performing arts... I'm there! I speak English, Spanish, French, some Chinese and learning ASL. Oh, and I have a small obsession over ties and cool shoes and socks... small obsession. Haha.

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I was basically born into the church, so I've known it growing up. I listened to lessons and believed it, as a child would. But, one thing is that everyone always saw me as the perfect little Mormon boy, and not going to lie, I wasn't. I had struggles, just like everyone on this Earth does, but I hid them from people, because they expected so much out of me. At one point, I got tired and kind of stopped caring. I still went to church but I avoided other church activities. I struggled with my faith, and sometimes doubted the things we were taught. It didn't hit me until events occurred all at once during my sophomore year of high school. I needed someone to turn to, and that's when my relationship with God and Christ really bloomed. I loved going to youth group activities and camps and such, because being around all that love, fun, acceptance, and just a good vibe and spirit kept me going. During this time, I also began to attend other churches, because I invited my friends to my activities and it's only fair I do the same for their activities. Every time however, I always felt something missing at these other churches. I didn't feel that love, the power and connection to Christ that I feel with this church. So, I made a promise to myself to study and come to know the truth for myself. Not as the little kid who would believe everything, but until I could declare it myself. I now am enrolled into religious courses in college and attend certain religious meetings almost every Sunday. I read the scriptures, and I feel at peace. I walk out with my head high, being proud of who I am and the path I have chosen. Yes, life gets hard always, but having that knowledge that I know why things happen, and that I can get through it, it gives me hope. And that's what we all need; Hope that we are here for a reason, and we can make it to the end, even if we stand alone. He is always there, and knowing that is enough to keep my faith growing. I love this church so much.

How I live my faith

I was a ward missionary, but now am a full time missionary in Utah Ogden, speaking the language of Spanish. I taught the 8-year-old's for almost two years. Before that I had served as part of the youth leadership within the youth group. So, going from the teenagers around my own age, straight to young kids, was a change, but I loved it. One other way that I always try to live my faith, is basically extend the love God has given me to each and every other one of His children. I love everyone, and always do my best to make sure they know that. I smile at a stranger, I open the door for anyone, it's just something that has been built into my character as I have grown in my faith and knowledge of this church. If you ever need a friend, I am there for you! I love talking to people, especially when I make them feel good. That is always the best for me, when I know the person has felt loved.