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Hi I'm Tevin

I'm a brother, I'm a son, I'm a father to a dog, I enjoy my life and the air around me, I live by Hakuna Matata, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm Tevin Orr. I am born and raised in Utah. Family is really close to me. I have five sisters and three brothers who I all love immensely. I'm a full on dog lover. I'm a father to my small Poodle terrier, named Pebbles. I come from a divorced home, which is sad to say, but it's pretty common in this day of age. At first it was hard, like it is for everyone that's touched by it... But eventually, after a lot of issues with a long list of things; I managed to work everything out with myself. Now I'm always happy, and nothing really bothers me. We all have issues, and I've just learned to keep mine astray.I simply go to music when I have a problem, and listen to whatever it is I'm in the mood for. It could be anything from screamo to some oldie blues. If it's the type of music that I feel will help me out, I listen to it. I can easily say music is my passion; I'm self-taught with the guitar and pretend I know how to play the mandolin. Yet with everything else in life, I have issues with them. I may not play the right note or the right chord; but however it comes out as if I can say it was my best. That makes me happy enough. From the Lion King I live my life with Hakuna Matata. Whatever wrong happens to me, or whatever wrong is done to me, I don't hold onto it. There's just no reason for me to get upset or bugged about something. It could change your whole week, month, maybe even your life to hold onto bad. So I don't, I just easily let it go like no big deal. That's how I live

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into it, and like a lot of people that are they decide somewhere in their life that they don't need it anymore. I was the same way. Throughout Middle School and High School I really just didn't care. I looked at church and everything as a joke, and that was bad. I hit the bottom and the person I became was terrible, and then with a lot of time I recovered... And now I'm Mormon because it saved my life. I know personally that one specific night if I didn't decide to just stop and change, that I wouldn't be here now. What this religion offers me is way more than I can possibly give back. It just doesn't give faith in everything, it gives a plan. It shows a plan of why we're here and why we're living. It gives hope that with whatever bad is going on, that there is always a light in the tunnel to a better future. I full heartily believe that the Book of Mormon, Prayer, Church, Sacrament, Temple, whatever isn't just here so we can worship God or show God our faith. They're all here because without them, we'd just be lost. We'd be roaming around like no big deal not knowing what it is we need to know.

How I live my faith

I just live it. There's no real way to explain it. I may not go out and tell everyone the first time I meet them that I'm a Mormon. But I don't live in a way that would make it a big surprise for them when I do tell them that. Really, I just try to do whatever it may be throughout the day to be at peace, to be happy. If I go around not really thinking about what I'm doing or if its not something I should be doing, I just find that I feel like crap. There's no simpler way to put it. Every now and then I fall, just like everyone else who's apart of this religion. And that's okay, I mean, the whole reason we're here is to become perfect. That doesn't mean we have to be perfect straight up all the time. It's a process. It takes time, it takes a lot of time. And with Jesus Christ and just everything we believe in it's possible for us to be perfect. Maybe just not as quickly as we'd hope for.