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Hi I'm Matthew

I grew up in London and Washington D.C. I am a law school student. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As a kid my family moved around quite a bit. I attended four different elementary schools in the U.S. and in England. I loved exploring Europe and learning about other people and places. Ever since I've had a deep interest in travel, meeting new people, and finding out what makes people tick. Something about all of those castles I jumped around as a kid must have stuck because I love studying history and comparative politics. Driven by a desire to understand people, I studied psychology during my undergrad years, but mostly found that regardless of how people outwardly appear, difficulty and often tragedy are the common hallmarks of the human experience and I came to appreciate other people's trying circumstances. I am currently attending law school with aspirations to work in business and law internationally. In my spare time I love playing team sports, running, cooking, spending time with friends and family (often the same group of people) and being anywhere with warm weather and a beach. I enjoy music and movies, and spontaneous adventures. I really hold to the idea that there is something that we can and ought to learn from the experiences and relationships we have in life - and looking for that thread of wisdom from each encounter - good or bad - makes life incredibly rewarding.

Why I am a Mormon

I don’t believe because my life has been made easy, nor because I have been protected from the ugly things in life. Maybe like you, I have lived through a broken home, a broken heart, a broken will. I have seen dreams die and asked questions I still haven’t received answers for. I do believe in part because some things I have doubted. I have asked questions and struggled with understanding my lot in life. I have looked for the hand of God in my life and at times concluded it wasn’t there. I do believe because the truths restored by a loving God in Heaven through living prophets again on the earth have helped me to find a simple and beautiful peace even when everything around me has been spinning. Reading the Book of Mormon has taught me more about the role the Savior wants to have in my life and has helped me feel His love, even when I have known I didn’t deserve it. I believe because through the message of the Book of Mormon I have seen and felt that God always keeps His promises. I am a Mormon because of answers I have received from our Heavenly Father through His Spirit. I have sought, and pondered, and prayed, asking specifically if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His church restored again on the earth. As a teenager and repeatedly since I have received confirmations from the Spirit that the LDS Church is Christ's church, led by prophets called by God. This has come through powerful experiences but also more subtly such as through feelings of peace.

How I live my faith

Several years back I completed a two year missionary service in northern Italy. Although I thoroughly enjoyed and grew while dedicating those two years, I have learned since completing that experience that faith is not always found in the great and visible, though sparse, acts of devotion and trust in God. Rather, I have learned that the real test and fortifier of faith is consistency. Consistency in the small actions, choices, and thoughts that are private between us and our Father. How, then, do I live my faith? I live it by realizing that, just like everyone else, I am broken and have weaknesses and faults that as much as I try, I am powerless to overcome on my own. In turning to my Father and striving to live my life as He has asked I find strength and peace. I find this peace in daily communion with God through pensive study of the scriptures and having a real conversation with the Lord in which I take the time to listen for His reply. I find this peace in setting apart Sunday every week as a day to step out of the hustle of life’s whirlwind, and to fill my day with things that invite the peace of the Spirit. I participate in church services, spend time with family, and limit myself to media that is reverent in its content and delivery. I'm convinced that Christ's invitation to "come, learn of me" (Matthew 11:28) cannot be achieved in the abstract; rather, conviction and faith in the Lord come as we walk the path He did. Although admittedly imperfect and less consistent than in my efforts than I would like, I strive to pattern my life after the example Christ set as recorded in Holy Writ.