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Hi I'm Cassidy Steele

I'm a missionary. I fly model rockets internationally. I'm a photographer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm what you'd call a normal college student...okay, not really. I am eventually going to be studying to become a substance abuse counselor, but my passion is music and photography. I love to read, and cook, and hang out with with friends. I love doing service. I pretend to dance sometimes but usually just end up looking silly. I can quote almost any Disney movie back to front. I also compete worldwide in model rocketry (you know that little rocket you shot off in 6th grade? Did you know that it's actually a worldwide competition? You'd better believe it). I've moved all over the West and while I'm in Utah right now going to school, I plan on moving more--there's so much to see in the world! Right now, however, I made the decision to take a break from my regular boring life to serve a mission for 18 months in Louisiana, and it's the best decision I've ever made.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I have experienced so much peace and happiness through living the commandments of God. I have learned for myself the joy that righteous living can bring. I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and Elder Brother whose goal and purpose of existence is to help us become like Them. Jesus Christ suffered everything He did and was resurrected so that we would be able to progress in this world to return into the presence of God. We are all children of God, and in His infinite mercy, He has once again given us the fulness of the gospel and His laws so that we can know how to proceed in life. As I've been out on my mission I have really come to know the truthfulness of the message we teach. The Bible has many of the divine truths Heavenly Father wants us to know, but the Lord has revealed another source of doctrine--the Book of Mormon. It was "written with the intent that ye may believe [the Bible]" and I have found out for myself that the two testaments of Christ DO go together. They are meant to, and the Bible isn't complete without the Book of Mormon and the Book of Mormon isn't complete without the Bible. I am a Mormon because what else would I be? It's the truth!

How I live my faith

I've decided to live my life by the song "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" from the Children's songbook, because the easiest way to live your faith--ANY faith, really, is to live by the commandment to love one another. As of right now, I made the decision to consecrate the next year of my life to the Lord and serve Him with all my might, mind and strength. I am currently serving in the Louisiana Baton Rouge mission and have been for the past 17 months. I have learned and grown so much, and have seen the blessings that come from really living what you believe. I love learning how Christ lived, and trying to implement His teachings in my life. It's so rewarding to love, serve, and teach the people I'm around! Even those who don't accept the gospel, hopefully I try to bring hope to them. That's my goal anyways. My mission has changed me--it has made me into a more disciplined person, a more balanced person, and it has strengthened my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It has taught me how to be a better teacher, sister, and friend to everyone I meet. It seriously has been the greatest decision I've ever made--not just to see others change but to see myself change as well.

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

Cassidy Steele
We believe that God is literally our loving Heavenly Father. He is the creator of our spirits and our bodies are created in His image. He loves each of us infinitely! He has a perfected, glorified, and immortal body of flesh and bone, just like we will someday. He cares for each of us, knows our needs, wants, hopes and fears. He wants to listen to and help us through this life and has a plan for each of us that is so much greater than we could ever imagine. Show more Show less