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Hi I'm Stephanie Vargas

I'm a student. Volleyball is my passion. I'm a current missionary for the Church. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm a young adult trying to navigate through these years of unknown. I know that it is through my faith in Christ that I am able to continually become the person He would have me be. I am an exercise science major and love helping others, especially achieve their health and fitness goals. I've received so much healing from the struggles in life through meditation while running, becoming the agent of my diet, and being confident in who I am. I'm a mix of your average young adult, enjoy music, movies, love any sport and the opportunity to use the talents the Lord has seen fit to bless me with. I enjoy being the "favorite aunt" to my nephews and niece; I'm still a kid at heart for a reason. Some of my most fond memories are dates with them going out for ice cream, visiting the library, playing on playgrounds and making blanket forts. I've enjoyed learning from the example of my older siblings and wouldn't change my place as the youngest for anything! My family has been my biggest fan through many volleyball tournaments, band concerts, and speech competitions. Especially through the times I have wanted to give up. I'm very grateful for the strength that my family is to me and couldn't imagine life without them in all of our craziness. We sing and dance while we cook good authentic Mexican food. We make our popcorn and laugh so loud during movies we can't hear the audio anymore. We play games around the kitchen table and take so many pictures.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I love God and His Son, Jesus Christ. When I was baptized I took upon myself the name of Christ and promised to remember Him throughout my life. This includes in all of my actions, thoughts,deeds, and words. I remember His sacrifice for my and how He paid for each of us. Through Him, salvation was made possible. I was raised in the church but had a time of struggle just after high school. I found myself becoming bored. I thought I wanted more freedom and I wasn't being allowed that from my parents and from the church. I decided that I knew best for myself and I didn't need the help of others. I no longer had a desire to attend church or other activities. I was seriously dating someone and we realized our goals were no longer the same. He didn't want a marriage where God was involved. This lead to his confusion, because I DID want God in my life and ESPECIALLY in my marriage, but my actions weren't reflecting that desire of mine. Through my own doubts, I came to the conclusion that my life was going no where. I had no direction, I had lost that understanding I had once had in my life, I didn't know if God loved me anymore, because I had done so many things that He wouldn't have wanted me to do. Deep down inside, I knew He loved me. He will always love His children no matter what they have done. Through His Son Jesus Christ I was able to be forgiven for the things I'd done wrong. When I chose to start living my life the way I knew He had intended me to do, I felt peace and comfort again. Since coming back to church, I have a firm conviction in the knowledge: God loves me. He has given me my Savior to make up the difference when I fall short. God has not abandoned his children in this day. He has given us a modern prophet, Thomas S Monson, to help us understand His will for us. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God with all of my heart. It testifies that Jesus is the Christ. I am a Mormon, I live it, I love it, and I want to share it.

How I live my faith

I loved participating in all of the youth activities. Service scavenger hunts for elderly couples, neighborhood auctions, yard work, preparation of emergency kits, and learning more about who I am and how I can help others in my community. I have learned an appreciation for myself and have gained the confidence I know I will need in order to live in a world of many different views on life. I know who I am, I am a daughter of God. I know God's plan for His children. My purpose is to live life here on earth so that I will be able to live with him again someday. I life my faith by being an example, someone whom others would like to be like. I am not perfect, I try a little harder everyday and know that my Father in Heaven is pleased with my efforts. I live the values of the church not because they are what is expected of me, but because it's what I want to be in life. I want others to know I have a respect for myself and for others by the manner in which I speak of and to them. I want others to see that by the movies and books I choose to view and read I want to only fill my mind with uplifting thoughts. I want others to see that I know time is a gift from God and I have chosen to use it wisely. I want others to see that because I have chosen to live a healthy life and not partake of substances that are habit forming or harmful to my body because I know of the benefits that come from this choice. I want to be a person that someone else looks at and says, "She knows what's going on. She has direction and purpose and she will get there, I know it."