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Hi I'm David Ottley

I started life in a log cabin and at first did poorly in school. However, I obtained a Masters degree. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I come from a humble background, living in a log cabin at the time of my birth. School was hard, and I did so poorly that three of my elementary school teachers recommended that I be held back. However, in junior high school, I began to understand how to learn eventually obtaining an undergraduate degree in physics and a Masters degree in Radiological Sciences. I worked over 40 years as a health physicist doing radiological safety engineering, but I am now retired. I have a beautiful wife and together we have nine terrific children. We have 20 grandchildren and are expecting another! I love working with people and have given hundreds of demonstrations in public schools about radiation. I want young people to have some of the great opportunities in life that I have had so I enjoy working with scouts. Most recently, I was the scoutmaster of a Wood Badge adult leadership training course. My favorite outdoor activity is mountain climbing, but as there are no mountains in my backyard, I also bike. Just as enjoyable as hiking and biking, I like yard work. In fact, I like most work.

Why I am a Mormon

It would be too simple to say that I am a Mormon because of birth as many born into the church lose their faith. I have not lost my faith because the truthfulness of the gospel is constantly revealed to me. On a basic level, I see the happiness that keeping the commandments brings to me and my family. On a deeper level, I feel the Spirit whispering to me of its truthfulness. As someone trained in science, I look at the church from an analytical standpoint. I do not understand everything, but when I have questions about apparent conflicts between church doctrine and science, and try to study these questions out, the conflict is always resolved. That does not mean I understand the science of God or Man, it just means I can see how they can be brought into conjunction. I love the out of doors. When I am hiking, biking or camping, I see the hand of God. As I look at the beautiful world He created, or at the expanse of the universe under a star-field night, I cannot understand it any more than I can understand the majesty of the atonement. However, to me they each testify of the other. I have read the Book of Mormon many times. The first time I was only about 12 years old and could hardly read. However, when I prayed asking God of its truthfulness, the Spirit rewarded my efforts and confirmed its truthfulness to my soul. I have had this testimony strengthened many times since as I have been privileged to behold many miracles.

How I live my faith

I come from a long line of members of the church and my faith is my life. Church assignments as a teenager helped me tremendously, especially in areas such as self confidence and public speaking. The Book of Mormon was one of the first books I read and I was blessed in learning to read by struggling through it even though I did not understand much of what I was reading. Soon after high school I served an LDS mission to California. This experience has blessed every day of my life since. I have had the privilege of working in many church callings and as a ward and stake leader but the most rewarding calling is working with the youth! I have had many opportunities in my life to provide service. The interesting thing is that I have received much more in return than I have given. As I look back, I wonder where I got the time, but the Lord provides for his servants. As a young man I never imagined the opportunities that have come to me. However, none of this would have been possible without the Lord as my light! My lovely wife and I are currently serving a mission together in England. We sold our home, gave away most of our possessions, and left the country. This was just like another scout camp trip for me but it has been more difficult for her. For example, she left her 93 year old father behind. Since coming to England, we had a daughter give birth. My wife would have loved to have been there to help but our calling is to help others at this time.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

David Ottley
I have always been interested in science and how things in the world work. When I was little, I could not comprehend that space could go on forever; there had to be an end. So I imagined a huge spherical barrier around the universe. Then I thought that no matter how far away it was; it was there. And no matter how thick it was, there had to be another side to it. But what would be on the other side – more space. So although I could not comprehend the eternity of space, it is more comprehendible than there being an end to space. A believe in God is the same – He is incomprehensible, but there not being a God is more incomprehensible. When I apply the same logic to God visiting Joseph Smith; I come to the same conclusion - that it is hard to be believe, but easier to believe than that God would not call prophets just as he did in the past. Once I accept the probability of God calling prophets, Joseph Smith’s story becomes believable. Then as I have studied, prayed, and exercised faith with the thought that it could be true, the truthfulness has been born to me through the Spirit and has becomes a sure knowledge. Show more Show less