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Hi I'm Andrew

Im 20 years old, Born in the states but have lived in England for the past 14-15 years, love basketball and I'm a mormon

About Me

Im 20 years old about 6'6" and terified of heights (not a great combination). i have 2 younger sisters which is always a challenge. I was born in the USA but moved away when i was 6 years old and have spent my life since then in the north of england. I will happily give just about any sport a go but my favorites at the moment are basketball, football and hiking. I will not claim to be any good at any of them but hey, I love doing them anyways. I was born with a cleft lip and pallet, for all those that dont know what that is it means my jaw was not formed propperly when i was born so i have had about 13 opperations so far to correct it. So i have spent far more time than i would have liked in hospital beds. I have a deep love of storys, Books, games, films Just about anything with a good plot, there just something about sinking into a new world and then as you go along trying to guess what will happen next that i really enjoy.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because i ask questions and look for the answers. Even thought i have grown up in the church of Jesus Christ I still had a lot of the same questions I hear other people ask. -What the point of my life? -Why do bad things happen to people who do everything they can to be good? -Why do i have to go trough the difficulty of all these operations? -Is God even there? -How can i know for sure that life doesn't end at death? And hundreds more like them. Perhaps the differance between me and other people, however, is i was taught not to just trust what everyone else says but to find out things for myself. both in science and in religion. whenever i was told something that didn't make sense in school i would then try it out for myself. making a clock out of a potato is a classic one that doesn't seem right but works all the same. I would (and still) do the same thing with the scriptures, Both the bible and the book of Mormon teach that if you want to know anything about God and how he can help you; then you need to ask him. (bible) James 1:5 (book of mormon) Moroni 10:4 I will promise you anyone who dose this with any question, then looks for the answer WILL Find it. I know that because it has worked for me with all the questions i have had so far and i know that when i have more questions i will be able to find the answers.

How I live my faith

Most of my life in the the church of Jesus Christ, I have spent Teaching in some way or form. Not long ago I was a teacher for really young children (2-3 years old). It way actually really good because they were so young then i had to teach really simply and it was just by looking at the basic that i really started to appreciate just how simple the gospel of Jesus really is. I'm still teaching people at the moment, just about every type you can think of and I'm just growing in what i know about Christ and how much he loves each of his children

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

The testimony we talk about in the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saint is the same as a testimony in a court case, Its a statement of knowledge that you build from to find truth. For example in court you would say I know Joe blogs was bowling with me at 4pm yesterday so he couldn't have been anywhere else. In a church sense i would say I know the book of Mormon has drawn me closer to God, so that i know that It is a book of God and from that i know that Josephs smith had to have been called of God to have been able to translate it. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

I would ask the question "Even though we have the bible, why are there so many different church's that teach different things about life after death? ect." God has always called prophets to teach his truth and to correct things that have been changed or lost. The 4 gospels are full of cases where people have come up to Jesus with questions about things Eg. Luke 20:27 "Then came to him certain of the Sadducees, which deny that there is any resurrection; and they asked him..." the same thing has happened after Christ and his apostles died and so in the same manor as before, God has called a living prophet to teach what God himself wants to be taught. Show more Show less