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Hi I'm Aubrey

I've lived in Utah my whole life. I love to dream about different lands and people and write about them. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the only daughter out of 5 children in my family. I'm the second oldest, my older brother was diagnosed with high functioning autism when he was young. He is an example to me in many ways, as are my younger brothers. I am 19 years old and soon I will be going on a mission to Guatemala, I will be the first child, and the first granddaughter on both sides to go. I have always loved reading, sometimes I imagine actually being a character in all of those adventures and fairy tales. Hence, my love of theater came into being. I love acting on a stage and showing myself through a different character. While being involved in theater, I also found that I have a talent for singing and I love it for the same reason I love theater. I was very involved in theater during High school and I loved almost every minute of it. Theater definitely helped me break out of my shell; for most of High school, I was painfully shy and quiet. Nowadays, I am still a little quiet, but that's mostly because I like to listen to others. Writing is also another passion of mine, I have started writing a couple of books which I am very excited about. I am very much a free lance writer and I don't pay too much attention to technique or form. My dream is to become a mother and a writer on the side, but if I have to give up one or the other, I will always chose to be a homemaker. Children bring a sense of joy and happiness that makes you want to be a better person for them. To me, that is a definition of love.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the gospel so there wasn't a lot of room to doubt it growing up. I believed in the Church and I knew it was a part of my life. One afternoon in High school though, I was reading my scriptures and I realized that I don't know why I follow it. There wasn't a reason for me personally to follow it, I just did because my family and friends did. I depended on them for my strength in the Church. At that point, I didn't exactly begin to doubt but I began to question my motives and the motives of others. It was a extremely dark time for me because there were nights where I would just cry at least once a day and my confidence was extremely down. Every time I heard about God or religion even if it wasn't in church, I would feel sick to my stomach because I knew that I didn't know what I believed in exactly. I talked to my mother and she said that believing is a choice that I needed to make. So I chose to believe. I clung to God and to Christ like a lifeline and started trying to be the best person I could be, for myself and for my Heavenly Father. My faith suddenly became the center of my life, and the center of almost everything else I did and it made me happier than I have ever been before. That is how I know that the Church is true and why I want to be an example of what happens when you find God; you find yourself in the process. I know that God's love is for all and that Christ is the one we need to lean on when we feel like we're not good enough. He will help us through our afflictions whatever they may be; because we are what He died for. I know that this church is the true church of God and that the Book of Mormon is His word. Joseph Smith sacrificed his life for this Gospel to be restored and I will try to give the rest of my life to it as well.

How I live my faith

When I was in High school, I had many callings to help with the other youth in our ward. My favorite calling would have to be when I was called to be co-chair for the youth committee in my whole stake. In this calling, I helped to organize a few events like New Years' eve dances and other things, but the main event we mostly planned for was Trek. In this event, the youth and their leaders dress as the pioneers did and push wagons across plains for almost a week. I had the opportunity to go twice and I loved each time, they were both really great learning experiences where I found out a little about myself. Now I am a chorister in my ward and I love choosing and leading the congregation in singing they hymns every Sunday. I loved going to activities with my ward like Family Home Evening and it's nice to see how welcoming everyone is. I live my faith by trying to be better every day. And relying more and more on Christ every day as well.