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Hi I'm Brent A. Syphus

I'm a Mormon and I'm loving it. I'm also a writer and a thinker with a huge imagination.

About Me

I'm Brent Syphus, I love to read and write and play games with my friends as well. I was born in the church to goodly parents who try to provide everything to me and my siblings (a sister and a brother) so that we could have a good life, as well teaching us how to be honest and faithful in everything we do, so that we could be an example to our families and friends. I was originally born in Sacramento California, but when my parents learned that I have a mental disorder called Aspergers, we moved to Utah so that I can try to get the best schooling for me and my gift. To tell you the truth, I'm still slightly crazy, but not crazy enough for the church to hold me back from going on my mission. As I said at the start, I love to read and write as my Aspergers had done something, don't know what or how, to my brain so that I can read faster as well as retain what I read. This mental disorder had given me the talent to make my writing more lively than any other talent I have, so instead of calling this mental disorder a curse, I call it a gift. I am also the hope to mothers who have children that has this case when they learn of me and see how functionally I am for their kids (I noticed so far that they're all boys, hmm...) I know this church is true as I felt it and gained a testimony of its truth, for those that don't have one, you can find out from reading the Book of Mormon, and I have to say, it is the best book and forever will be, better than anything I'll be writing

Why I am a Mormon

Well it isn't just the main fact that I was born in it, and that my parents did their best to teach me and my siblings about the gospel, I apologize to my mom and dad as I wasn't probably well behaved than I should've been. The church is deeply supporting the teaching that everyone has Agency (the ability to choice and think for yourself), so while I could've gone to another church, I stayed because I know in my heart that the truth is here in this church while others have but a portion of it. So like what Jesus said to his twelve Apostles, "will you too leave me?" With Peter answering and testifying for everyone. "Lord, where would we go? For you have the words of eternal life, for thou art the Christ." (now don't rage on me if this isn't correctly written in the Bible as I am going off memory at this part). So I know that this church is His church and that the Book of Mormon is true as I have read it (of course) and prayed over it. Now go and read that book and pray of it as stated by a future writer.

How I live my faith

I try to follow the path that Jesus set out for us and try to help others, and like I said about me, I'm the hope for parents (more for the mothers) for their kids that have this gift. I can also pinpoint others that have it just by the feel of their handshake, and I too give them hope that they can get in control and use their gifts. And I testify that hope is a powerful thing and will lead to having faith that everything is going to work out fine in the end, and thus leading to following the steps that Jesus set before us all. I wanted to serve a mission, but flags were raised when they saw my disorder on my papers. So the church offered me a three month trail mission in the Salt Lake City mission to see if I can handle the constant changes and challenges that most cases of this disorder has trouble facing. I wasn't thrilled about this offered as it stands me out from the other missionaries and I don't like that, to prove this point, I never took any of the special education classes the school, now that didn't mean that they force me into some of them to handle my reading abilities (hehe). But I humbled myself and went for the mini mission and there I learned that there had been others before me, with cases even worse than me, and was able to serve a fruitful mission, so that gave me the hope that I can serve a great mission, and I did, I'm right now serving in the Tampa Florida Mission and I'm almost done and it has been great! So never doubt hope and faith, doubt the doubt and throw it out.