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Hi I'm Jak Van etten

I grew up in Hayden Idaho. Im very old fashoned. Im into, Everything. And I'm a mormon

About Me

Pretty much the best way to describe me is, old fashioned. I use a fountain pen when i write and I use a pocket-watch when i check the time. I've studied Kung Fu for 5-6 years. I'm a poet, a cook, artist, musician, and a very blessed individual. I'm quirky, artsy, and a little bit out there. I like to wear dark Gothic clothing. Including listening to all sorts of music ranging from classical Mozart, all the way to heavy metal music. And Even though I may not look like it some of the times, I'm actually an awesome and nature loving guy. You just have to look past all the unique attributes that I have.. I care for all of my family and especially my friends. Actually I think why i like being a Mormon is Because it has guided me to know how to make good choices, help others as well, and it has helped me understand the importance of Gods love for his children. =)

Why I am a Mormon

Well to start off, I was born into the church and was raised in the belief of it. And after a while, when I was a teen, I didn't have a belief in it at all. I started to get into addictions and struggles and then I realized I wasn't happy. And so I tried to find that happiness. So I started searching. I went to other churches, as well as asked a bunch of questions. and I eventually found myself Reading the Book of Mormon. And upon my readings I found a scripture that felt like it was as plane as day to me. It said, "Whatsoever ye shall the Father in my name, which is right, and believe that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given you." (3 Nephi 18:20) I figured that this scripture was talking about prayer. and so I followed it and prayed. And I asked god if he was there, and if he loved me, and then if he loved me will he forgive me of all the stupid mistakes I was making. Well I received an answer and. It was I forgive you. After that I realized that there was more to life than being in pain, confused, and suffering. I realized that with god we can be truly happy. No matter who we are. where we have been. And What has happened to us. I realized that he wants us to be happy And to grow. After that I cleaned up my life. And I realized bit by bit I was getting happier and happier by the second. That is why I am a Mormon. Its because it has brought me so much happiness than I can ever have. And I can share that with people now everyday.

How I live my faith

How i live my faith is by exercising that faith, By loving and helping people, And Sharing my talents. Im currently am serving a Mission in Las Vegas, Nevada. And every day I get the privilege to do that. Yes Even though I'm currently far away from home, I have to live by Faith knowing that my family and friends are going to be OK. I also show it by representing the person on who I want to be. I never wanted to be that person that had to struggle with personal challenges in his life because of poor choices that he made. I always try to make the right choices that I know for a fact will make me happy. I also show it through service. I love helping people out with anything. And the reason behind that is because I love to see their smile on their face when i help out. I just Love showing my love to other people in the way that Jesus Christ loves me. And Plus I get to see a change In them. Especially when I get to do something for someone that has Never experienced that kind of joy and happiness or treatment before. It brings me joy to see their reaction and smiles on their faces When I do that for them. and how I serve people is through my talents. I realize that we have been given talents in this world for a purpose. not only can we develop those talents and make them unique unto ourselves but we can use those talents to help serve gods children. And Being a member, I realize that I get to exercising those talents almost everyday.