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Hi I'm Jim1066

I grew up in California, I'm a Mormon and have been since University. The Church has been my extended family worldwide.

About Me

I am a Mormon, and delighted to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Im my university years I was looking for a church that would help me be the best person, and the best son of God that I could possibly be before I die and return to him. For me being a Mormon is doing that job. I have 10 children, two died young, and the rest are grown. The loss of our identical twin boys in a small desert town in Nevada was a heart breaking experience that I believe would have destroyed me as a person had I not had the Church of Jesus Christ to show me God's reason's for devastating experiences in our life. However The Church and the Lord Jesus Christ did their work for me. I will always be thankful for the experiences I've had, and for the strength The Lord has helped me find while living through them. Just as I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I was involved in the University of Texas Tower Shooting at Austin. I had received Army Medical training, and was privileged to rescue several people who were wounded in the stores just West of the campus, Including a High School Student for whom I also donated 2 units of blood before she passed a week later. This Church has helped me to be a far better person than I ever could have been without my membership

Why I am a Mormon

One Sunday I was sitting next to my Mum in the Methodist Church in Carmel California where I grew up. I was an only child, and usually quiet, so that day I was pondering the preacher's sermon as he struggled to explain The Godhead, who it included, what they are, and how it worked. He was trying to use their official version using 3 people in one God, no parts or passions, etc.The poor fellow was badly floundering. I was a very logical kid, most of whose friends were adults, who also had an over 150 IQ, and I said silently to myself 'This just isn't logical. It is not making sense and could not possibly work that way. The God I know and love just isn't that stupid. I still remember the day, because just after I said that to myself I was hit with a transmission of knowledge and understanding like nothing I had ever experienced. In a period of time so brief it must have gone around time somehow what I have come to understand was the Holy Ghost. Explained every detail of the God Head and the Holy Ghost in exquisite beautiful detail. That became a lode stone for me.; I looked for that information through several other churches, until I found it exactly reproduced in the lessons taught to me by missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As you can see, I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE. To paraphrase Joseph Smith about his experiences. Because of those experiences I KNOW this church is TRUE. What's more God and JESUS CHRIST KNOW that I KNOW, so I could not ever deny it even if I wanted to. However I have no wish to deny any of it. I bear you my testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ is truly what it says in the name. It is The Church of Jesus Christ to do the work in the last days that the Lord Jesus Christ sees fit to assign us. Give yourself a year to test it and your life will be better for it. If however you convince yourself to disbelieve, it will still happen. You will just miss a wonderful life you might have had.

How I live my faith

I am an IT Engineer with degrees through Ph.D. I also deliver training seminars in Network Security and other IT subjects. I was impressed by The Lord at how good it felt to help others in whatever way was needed. I decided to dedicate my life to helping others. The week after the tower shooting I took a job as an ambulance driver at night, while taking 20 semester hours at University of Texas, and working half time in a university research acoustics lab, and driving all night as needed. I have also dedicated my work life to positions that allowed me to attend all of my church meetings, and to give me access to people in need of help, training, education and help in anyway where I can be of real help to them. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not have paid Preachers or Ministers. Nor do we have a paid heirarchy. We are organized World Wide, Pay for all of our buildings in cash before they are dedicated and put into service. We do have some paid employees in the church, but only full time workers in positions like HR, accounting, headquarters IT and a few other places where any company would use similar employees. The missionaries you might see on the street in your town are only part of the story. We are all dedicated enough to work for our local Ward (church unit) to perform callings to get our necessary work done. Our Ward Leader, The Bishop, is a local Chiropractor during the work week. On Sundays I am the leader of our Ward's Sunday School. I also support IT Services for several of our buildings in our area. At other times I have helped my Bishop, and have been an accountant and record keeper for several units as well. We learn from those experiences, and youngsters can even use them on their Resumes or CVs as they start out in their work life. We are even dedicated enough to clean our buildings.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Most of the other churches or domination were set up during the middle ages when there were no directions coming to the earth from God. The people who founded them and thought up the plans of how they would function only had the words of ancient prophets they had never met, and the often confused and badly translated books they left behind. I believe those founders did the best they could with just the thoughts of a few people of the day. It worked pretty well for some of them, but look at the description of what was happening among the denominations and their preachers when he asked God which church to join before he was called as a prophet himself. It is a story of contention (which the lord tells us is not good). Also consider what Joseph said about the ill feelings of the preachers who were in the same business and should feel good whenever any of them helped a person to follow God. The preachers depended on their salary from their church to care for their families, and the church could not pay them much if the congregation was not growing. . We don't feel that system is fare for preachers, or for members. We all do our own good works, and work together to do all the work of the church. Each doing what we can. Rather than striving to be recognized as rich members of the congregations, or being preachers respected for their clothing and wisdom, we all strive to do the most good we can by doing as much of The Lord's Work as we can each day. Show more Show less

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

Missionaries pay their own expenses. When they can not cover it all their family and other members in their ward help with the rest. The Church covers their travel costs and has arranged a load sharing system. Since housing expenses and a few other costs vary a lot between worldwide locations, the church averages the expenses so that missionaries going to Africa pay about the same amount as those going to London, New York, and Tokyo There are also many other kinds of missions from medical and farming training to disaster relief, including many for retired couples. Show more Show less

What is done with the tithing that Mormons pay?

Tithing is used as one source of funds to support The Lord's Work. However that is not the question you should ask, because Tithing is not about money. It is about Dedication to the Lord. The Church of Jesus Christ has been functioning since the mid 1800s. If it were still low on cash it would not be under the direction of Jesus Christ now would it. He can make as rich as he wants. EVERYTHING belongs to HIM!! The Lord needs a church full of people who are dedicated to doing what he asks, and doing the works he assigns to them. He uses Tithing, among other things to help us learn dedication to him and the work. Another way you can know this. (and as far as I know this only works in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). After paying tithing for a few months we notice that although the amounts we can see look small (even scary if you allow yourself the weakness to think that way), at the end of the month all of your expenses will be taken care of - and even more easily that in months before you tried tithing. Established members universally realize that they CAN NOT AFFORD TO GIVE UP tithing. The blessings from it are too great!! Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Of Course. What is the name of the church? The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Sure. Authority to do anything is important. If I wrote out a speeding ticket and handed it to you, would you pay it? I hope not, since I have no authority to fine you for speeding. When I was a child I was baptized into the Methodist Church. Later, when I thought the Southern Baptist church might do the job better, I asked that same question. The preacher said no, I must be baptized again. I cited the fact that they both did it in the name of God, used similar water, etc. I finally got the preacher to admit that he was evaluated based on baptism... Being a nice chap I then agreed. As far as I have ever found out every church demands baptism; but I believe it is only our church and the Catholics that realize that authority is required by The Lord. Sorry, but we are about being dedicated to following The Lord Jesus Christ in every direction he finds appropriate to give us. Do not worry though, it is all very very worth it. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

In the period of 1835 to 1850 the church yas almost constantly preyed on by mobs of people. Many were killed, and the whole population was forced to move from Ohio to Missouri, then to a series of 3 or 4 locations and towns in Missouri and finally to first one and then another location in Illinois, on the east bank of the Mississippi Rives, across the river from Missouri. In the frontier conditions in which they lived a single woman, or a mother raising children children alone because her husband was killed simply could not survive. One reason that The Lord told the church for multiple marriages at the time was that one adult man, hopefully with older sons could support two or even more families in situations where the man was successful in business. The Lord also told the church at that time that at times when it is important for his purposes to raise a larger than expected group of dedicated members in a short period of time he has used the method of calling for some multiple marriages in situations where it was financially possible. That method worked, and solved both problems. However we believe in following the laws of the land we live in, so when the US passed a law against multiple marriages the President of The Church stopped it. Permanently A few people in Utah, Arizona and Colorado do still practice against state laws forbidding it in all those states. However any member who entered into such is removed from the church. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

I Don't, The women I know in the church, including my wife, are much better at many things than I am. For me to think as you suggest would be flagrant hypocrisy. Actually, we work to care about each either more than we do for ourselves, and to sacrifice to make the other happy. As long as any of us humans strive constantly to make our partners happy and fulfilled, and are willing to change ourselves and all around us, then we stand a good chance of a good relationship. Challenging yes, but good and a learning experience. The women in the church are the most wonderful group I have ever met, but do remember we are none of us perfect, just dedicated to working extremely hard to be better. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

No, you are not REQUIRED to do much at all. However we are a church of dedication to Jesus Christ and his work. I did not go on a mission as a young person because I was already passed that point in my life. However I am planning to go on one with my wife fairly soon when we are able. I would hate to miss it, and we might do several. Show more Show less