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Hi I'm Joshua

I'm a dental student. I'm a husband and father. I speak Italian. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always had a passion in serving others. I was in Boy Scouts in my teenage years and earned my Eagle Scout award at the age of 14. I also served a 2-year service mission for the LDS church in Northern Italy. I miss the culture, food, people, and the language. I am artistic, have participated in several sports, love shooting firearms, cooking, snowboarding, and trying new things. I recently graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science and a Minor in Chemistry from Brigham Young University-Idaho. I currently am a dental student in Southern California. I am happily married to my best friend, who is the best mother to our son. I am so happy and blessed to be a husband and a father. I love my family and know that my family is eternal, thanks to the Atonement and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe that that Savior Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He established His church with Apostles, prophets, and revelation. After the death of the Apostles and the Savior, the authority of God was lost and Christ's church was lost. It wasn't until God called Joseph Smith as a prophet and gave him authority and direction to restore Christ's original church upon the earth in these modern days. The Book of Mormon is proof of the Restoration and the calling of the prophet Joseph Smith. I have prayed to know if these things are true and The Lord made manifest to me through the Holy Ghost that these things are true. Because these things are true, we have the Lord's direction through revelation through modern prophets and apostles. I also have seen more blessings and happiness living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life than I could imagine otherwise. I strive daily to help others have this happiness and knowledge that I have in knowing that we all are children of a loving Heavenly Father. I invite you to seek to know if the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is true by praying and reading the Book of Mormon along with the Bible. I promise that if you are sincere that The Lord will manifest the truth of these things unto you.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by living what I preach and stand for. I don't do drugs, don't drink alcohol, am physically active, love and respect other peoples' beliefs, and try my hardest to treat others the way the Savior would. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and try to share it with everyone I can. I have seen the wonderful blessings of this gospel in my own life and in the life of others. I try to be actively engaged in my community and volunteer when and where I can. I have participated in Habitat For Humanity, homeless soup kitchens, volunteered at a nursing homes, and participated in community improvement projects. My wife and I try to live by the Savior's teachings and plan on raising our children with His Gospel. I am an imperfect man and I make my fair share of mistakes. I always strive to use the Savior's Atonement to seek forgiveness of my sins and to not repeat them. I offer apologies to anyone that I hurt or offend and try to become a better person every day. Perfection is impossible on my own. I need Jesus Christ to show me the way and help me in my daily life.

In whom should we have faith?

We should only have faith in the Savior Jesus Christ. He is Heavenly Father's Only Begotten Son in the flesh. Jesus is the Lamb of God that laid down His life so that we could overcome sin and death. In order to obtain eternal salvation, we need to have faith in Jesus Christ, repent of our sins and seek to improve ourselves, be baptized by immersion through the proper authority of God, receive the Holy Ghost through the laying on of hands by those who have the authority given to them, and to continually obey the commandments. The Savior is the ONLY way we will be able to return to our Father's presence. Faith requires action upon belief. The Savior loves us and wants us to return. He is the way and with Him we will not be lost. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

The further I go into my graduate studies, the more I know that God exists. The human body is His masterpiece. It's design, structure, functions, symmetry, and diverse parts are truly miraculous. The organization of function from the eye down to the cellular and atomic levels are breathtaking. Bodies have the miraculous ability to heal, fight disease, grow, change, and become stronger. Our bodies cannot be organized by chance. We truly are created in the image of God. He has a glorified, immortal body. In fact, nothing in the universe can be created by chance. In studying chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy, mathematics, geology, etc. I've learned that entropy always wins (second law of thermodynamics of disorder). The universe is matter unorganized and likes disorder. It could not become what it is or create life (in such specific and ideal circumstances) on its own. It required a Supreme Being to organize it and create it. God is the Master Organizer and Designer. The way that the planets orbit and move around the sun, the fact that our Earth is in the exact and only position to the sun that is able to sustain life (any minor change of position or orbit would not support life), the formation of our planet, the diverse creatures and creations of the Earth, the symmetry and beauty in nature, the circle of life (all creatures and beings are affected by one another in each of our ecosystems and lifestyles), etc. prove that God exists. I know that God lives. Show more Show less