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Hi I'm Oli

I was born in Germany, but after living in the UK, in China, and in Canada the world is my home.

About Me

I have chosen the academic path for my education and finished my master in Sinology (Chinese Studies). But my true passion lies in my hands. I love to write my journal (uninterrupted since my tenth birthday!), to draw and to Do-it-yourself fixing everything I can in the house. I met my lovely spouse in China while studiying the language there. It is true without any if or but that we would not have met without the church since we lived at opposite ends of a city of 17 million people and there is only one place of worship for the latter-day saints there. The gospel has been my constant throughout my life. And that started and lasted for 19 years in Germany. It then has brought me to England for my mission, to China (as mentioned) and finally to Canada. Sure, the landscapes, climates and cultures change, but chapels and temples of the church have always been like embassies for me that provided a place to feel comfortable and familiar with.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. My baptism, making me a member officially, followed later when I was eight years old, of course, but even while still unofficial the church was a central part of my daily life. We prayed over food and for longer journeys, went to church for three hours every Sunday, between 14 and 18 years of age I even went to early morning seminary every schoolday at 6am! The sum of everything I learned, heard and did had given me a fine sense for all the blessings and miracles, small and great, that one encounters every single day. For me that is what religion is all about. I have not yet encountered another force (of nature, of law or of physics) that can so powerfully move people to be optimistic, helpful, mindful of other people, willing to give and to serve them. With contempt towards all the evil that was done by people abusing religion (which is so often slapped in the face of believers online), there has been nothing that could compare to the power for the better that true believers possess. It brings out the best in people and being one of them makes a person a member of a very small group. I am still doing all I can to live my life according to the gospel, because it is my overarching goal in life to become a member of that small group. Make no mistake: being a member of a or the church is not remotely enough. That is just a starting point. Being a beliver, a disciple of Christ, a saint or a true follower of true and good teachings is a much highter level of religious living.

How I live my faith

I'd say within the standards set by the gospel I have done quite a lot and quite a variety of activities and events. WITHIN the church I was a leader and teacher of youth and of adults. I also helped the leaders of my congregation to run church services and organize small and large events, from games nights to full blown gala dances. and of course I served as a missionary for two years in wonderful southern England. At least just as important, though, is what I do BECAUSE OF the church. Every day, many times I notice how I measure a situation against what I have been taught all my life and wonder if I can make a difference for the better. That has led to situations from almost insignificant, like carrying some heavy bags for a lady on the street, to life changing, like convincing a person with little hope for the future that life with the gospel will be a life changed for the better. My desire to be of some kind of use hast also led me to develop some character quirks. In my later high school years I started bringing items like hole puncher, stapler or tape to class even though I never used them but because I knew someone would need one for sure. And it was so. This behavior has expanded into my life in general. That's why I always carry a huge backpack around with me. Inside is an assortment of items and tools that would give a small hardware store a run for its money. And the next time I can help out a person that is struggling with a shifting load of cargo on her bike with some string to tie it down, I know that I'm still doing the right thing. Most of the time ...