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Hi I'm Jason

“I grew up in CT. I live in NC, I love Jesus Christ and I am a Mormon.”

About Me

I am generally a quiet person. I grew up in Ct. my father was in the Navy and my mother was mostly a stay at home mom until my early teens. I have one brother and sister, I am the baby .My whole life I was never really involved in religion of any kind. I always had questions but never sake the answers. I always believed there was something more to our existence than just birth, death and the things that happen in between .Currently I am a CNA at a psychiatric Hospital, Previously I worked as a Detention Officer, Correctional Officer, Chef, Cook ,Dishwasher and my first job was a Paperboy. My true love is cooking and serving others. I have a beautiful wife and all together we have six children.

Why I am a Mormon

All my life I had questions like who am I? Why am I here?, Whets next?. I knew there had to be more to my existence than just work and sleep. I briefly looked into several churches but I never got the answers that I was looking for. For example, were is GOD did he just leave us alone after Christ was crucified. We had scriptures but I felt we had no real legitimist leader in any of the religions I looked into. I mean by whose authority did a man become a priest, pastor or minister? Just because someone went to some college and received a degree in religious studies did that qualify him to minister to others? I would watch the TV. Evangelists and see them wearing thousand dollar suits with gold rings, expensive cars and homes, and would ask who are they serving GOD or themselves. Well as it happens to us all at one time or another in our lives, I had some personal struggles in my life. I will not go into details but I will say I believe it was one of the lowest points in my life. One day I had a prompting to go over and see what this church was all about. My first introduction to the church was with the sister missionaries at the church and upon speaking to them I felt the spirit and began sobbing. I was relieved and joyous because I know this is where I needed to be. I have never felt anything quite so powerful ever before. The rest was history, my conversion was relatively simple once feeling the spirit and preying to heavenly father about the church I received my answer “YES”. All the answers to all the questions were answered and then some. I now had a plan, I it was heavenly father’s brilliant plan of salvation through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I found myself, why I’m here and what is next. The church of Jesus Christ has been restored onto the earth, through Christ the keys (authority) to perform ordinances and to serve all has returned to the earth.

How I live my faith

At my church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Clayton NC I serve as the Cub Scout Wolf den leader with my wife, I also serve as the First Councilor in the Elders Quorum. As a den leader in the Cub Scouts I help mold the minds of our future leaders through the scouting program. I also discuss Gospel standards with the boys, by using the” Faith in GOD for boys” materials provided by the church. These things combined teach our boys how to be followers in Christ, noble young men and good citizens. Serving with the scouts is a wonderful experience for me and my wife (who is a tomboy at heart). Our church is one of service; we are very active, we assist members and nonmembers in the community. As first counselor in the Elders Quorum I help organize community events such as fourth of July celebrations ,service days, talent contests, fixing cars, moving families, talks, missionary work and home teaching just to mention a few. Through Home teaching, I visit a member family and share the gospel messages’ with them and help address any needs the family may have both physically and spiritually. The thing I enjoy the most is missionary work, to go and share the gospel with others to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost is a wonderful experience. To know GODS plan for us all brings piece to me and my family. A piece and joy I want all to experience.