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Hi I'm Paul

I am from Wyoming and South Dakota. I fix machines. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I have many interests and hobbies -- can 't afford most of them! I ride motorcycles, bicycles, camp, hike, hunt, fix cars and can cook some delicious food. Our five kids are almost all out of the house, and it has been quite a ride helping them grow and get on their way. For a few years I ran my diesel Chevette and Suburban on waste vegetable oil, but both cars rusted out after several hundred thousand miles and I got a raise, so now I just buy fuel! I enjoy deer and pheasant hunting here in the west and have eaten enough wild game that beef and pork are too fatty for me to enjoy very much.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up a Church member, but as a teenager had to decide if it was worth it to keep going. Many of my friends were making poor choices and seemed to be having a great time at it. I was handed some anti-mormon books by some co-workers that wanted to help me leave the "cult". I read their stuff and looked into the info as best I could and re-read some Mormon stuff. It did surprise me that I was willing to read their stuff and they were unwilling to read mine! I added prayer and pondering and the obvious answer to me was and still is that Joseph Smith told the truth. I still am open to other points of view and have been to many different services and listened to many faiths. I debated in college and lost most every round, but I still enjoy a discussion and don't mind when people don't share my point of view, but I have had many personal revelations as well as the common sense logic that tells me Joseph Smith and collaborators(if there were any) could not have successfully produced the Book of Mormon. He had to have God's help! There is no possible way in my mind to build a religion from nothing to what it is today without God's blessing. Especially with so many ignorant people fighting against it for no logical reason! I still regularly have small spiritual messages that only I know about that verify to me that I am on the right path. Every person has and should get those personal messages, so spend a little time and energy and listen to your loving Father in Heaven and try to decide what he is trying to tell you. When you get them, they are undeniable and worth every effort.

How I live my faith

Being Mormon or Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I call it, pretty much consumes your day. I try to make decisions all day long that bring lasting happiness, which is treating everyone honestly and being nice to everyone even when they don't return those courtesies. I try to do what I think Christ would want me to do, sometimes it's not easy and sometimes it's not popular, but if you want happiness, you need to choose the right.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

I hope Mormons and any person helps every person. Religion isn't a club just there to help it's members. Years ago I bought a used lawnmower for what I thought was a decent price. While we were putting it in the minivan the guy saw something and asked if I was a Mormon? I said "Yes" and he said 'Oh you should have told me and I could have worked down the price a little!" This guy wasn't catching on to what he is taught in Sunday School, maybe I should have said something to him, but I was quite in shock. The vast majority of Mormons with help you with anything you may need no matter how different you may be. Show more Show less