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Hi I'm Lanty

I'm from China and studying in UK currently. I dive into taking pictures and playing Guzheng. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grown up in Zhengzhou and has spent two years studying in Shanghai. Now I'm a full-time student at the University of Sheffield. I was sent to a boarding school since my teen's age, so I spent more time with my teachers and classmates rather than my family. But I really appreciate that my parents providing me such a good opportunity studying far away from home, which made me an independent person. I was afraid and a little bit nervous before I attended the boarding school because I thought It's really hard for me to get along with new faces. But once you were pushed, you had to face it with nothing but braveness. Hopefully I'm always a lucky girl,most of the people I met are easygoing and interesting, each one has special personality and shining point, there are lots of things that I can learn from them. With the help of boarding school, I successfully handled my life in Shanghai, I made lots of friends there and some of them guided my life to some degree. That was one of the most achievements in my life because I was totally unaware about Shanghai, no relatives, no friends, but after two years, I felt like I'm a master of Shanghai, I made it my second hometown! And the most important thing is, I met the ‘angel' who told me to find a church in England,if doing so, I'll meet friendly people and receive unimagined blessings. Still couldn't believe that I met the missionaries as soon as I arrived in Sheffield! Now I've been baptized for half a year, and I fancy being a mormon!

Why I am a Mormon

My father is a Muslim while my mother is a Buddhist, neither of them is a Mormon and I had never heard of our Church before I came to UK. In other words, God found me before I found him. At the beginning I wasn't so sure about whether he indeed exists, but now I've got an answer: he is there and is watching me. Through making prayers and reading the Book of Mormon, I truly felt the impact of holy ghost, which brings me warm and peace alway. And I appreciate the teachings given by missionaries, after which my questions have been solved. I was touched by their words all the time, so I believe they must belong to the God. As it says in scriptures:'For every thing which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God'(Moroni 7:16). Through these words I knew that Heavenly Father wanted me to walk down his path and what the missionaries has taught me is true so I decided to be baptized, to make the first covenant with him. Being a member is amazing!! With the help of holy ghost, I feel I'm making progress everyday. Even though sometimes I'm a little bit spiritual low, Heavenly Father can always help me to overcome the bad impact and protect me from being distracting. Every moment when my faith is not strong enough, he will always send someone to me, to bear their testimony, which makes up for my unbelief. After I had joined the Church, my life was filled with happiness and miracles. Whatever will happen in the future I won't leave this Church which brings me true and lasting joy. I have no idea about how many things I can insisting in to the end because I'm a person who is easily to give up. But being a member is definitely worthwhile to stick to for my whole life and I know Heavenly Father has a special plan for me, he will always help me to keep my faith just because I'm his beloved daughter!

How I live my faith

Joining the church is the most correct decision I've ever made. Not only because it helps me to improve English and make new friends, though they are some of my original purposes, it also helps me to become a better person. Not like the members who were brought up in the Church, without knowing anything about Heavenly Father and his Gospel, it is much harder for me to convert in such a short time, especially with a muslim background. But through making prayers and reading the Book of Mormon, I truly felt the impact of holy ghost, which brings me peace and warm alway. And I really appreciate the teachings given by the missionaries, without which I couldn't identify my potential to be a qualified church member. I felt my faith is growing since I was called to be a ward missionary, teaching others helps me to learn more about the Gospel. And I'd like to share my experience with new investigators, through which I'm able to make progress everyday. With the help of keeping the faith, I feel I'm becoming much better, even my friends can feel the change, they said that I became more humble and easygoing, which made my faith stronger. Every time before I start to do something, I'll think twice whether I can behave like Jesus Christ. He set an example for all of us and his life is perfect. Even though I'm not perfect, with the help of repentance, my sin can be cleaned. And the most important thing I've learned, is to play my own role at each stage of my life. I used to be worried about where I'm gonna be and what kind of person I'm gonna be, but I know Heavenly Father has designed a special way for me and he knows me better than I am. I needn't worry anything about the invisible future, but just make things perfect at hand. Embraced by his Gospel, I'm not in fear of the trials upcoming. No matter what will happen in the rest of my life, I won't leave this Church because I know only by staying in God's kingdom and keeping the faith,everlasting happiness can be received.