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Hi I'm Jeanay

I am mother of four, step-mother of three. I rent modest wedding and prom dresses.

About Me

I grew up in Phoenix, AZ, USA, the youngest of 6 children. I have been blessed to see the brighter side of life, even in periods of great trials. These trials came mostly through unhappy marriages that ended in divorce. One of my friends told me that my "picker" was broken because I seemed to pick people that were not good for me. Through the grace of God I found a great man to marry and we, with our accumulated family are very happy. I have 4 children and my husband has 3, which is very fun at family holidays. The youngest child is now 18. My husband is very supportive of what is important to me. Together we own a business that rents modest wedding and prom dresses. Modesty is important to me because I feel that a woman has so much more to give than her body. I feel that people are more likely to get to know her as a person and more likely to see her unique gifts she has to offer, when she is modestly dressed. I believe a modest woman is more powerful, more lovely and more at peace. It was apparent to me that finding modest beautiful clothing was getting hard to obtain, so when the opportunity presented itself, we prayed about it, did research, and made the investment. Our business is now my dream job. I love offering modest dresses at modest prices. I love helping brides looking and feeling their best on their "Big Day". I had been an accountant and a real estate agent. Now, in the middle years of my life, I finally know what I want to be when I grow up. :-)

Why I am a Mormon

Though I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I had to know for myself it was true. It was not enough to know that my parents and teachers believed it. When I was 18, I gained my own testimony. I was at a meeting where the living prophet was speaking. As he spoke, the spirit of God spoke to my heart and soul that this man speaking was a true prophet of God and that what he was saying was true. I had prayed for many days and was fasting that day and was ready for the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. Something very real entered me that day. I knew without a shadow of doubt that Jesus was my Savior, that he knew me personally and loved me and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is His church. I had attended many other religions in my youth with friends and they all had truth. But that day I came to know that there was more truth than any single one of them had. For starters, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a living prophet who speaks to God and guides us through some very difficult times. It brings me peace to know that God still loves us, still wants to help us return home to Him and still gives us prophets, like He has in ancient times. I have read the Book of Mormon and it makes it easier to make many of my daily choices. The Bible is wonderful, don't get me wrong. I love reading it but there are many passages that are confusing to me and that different people interpret differently. The Book of Mormon is more clear in meaning and is much easier for me to understand. I am very grateful to a wise Heavenly Father who sent His Son not only to the Holy Land but also visited the Americas after His death. I am very grateful to the ancient prophets in the Americas who preserved their history from 600 years before the birth of Christ to 400 years after it. Like the Bible, It gives me a pattern to follow Christ. The Book of Mormon gives me purpose, peace and practical answers when I am confused.

How I live my faith

I love working with the youth in our congregation. I love the emotions, excitement and energy that the youth bring. I love sharing what I have learned, so others can avoid the pitfalls that I did not see as a youth. We recently had a photo shoot with the young women with the modest prom dresses. The girls had fun dressing up. I look forward to doing more photo shoots and modest fashion shows. To me, being a mother is the highest calling I will ever have. I have loved raising my children. I have worked full time outside my home almost all of my adult life but still consider my family the hardest, funnest, most frustrating and most rewarding of anything I have done or ever will do. I believe in the power of women. It is easy to follow the trap that worth of women should be judged by same standards as men. I believe God made us different from men for a reason. I believe a woman's tender heart is to help her with her most important calling - loving her family. This family can be the family born to her or it could be the people around us every day. We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. I believe that a truly powerful woman is one who loves her God and family. Her influence and will be felt for many generations. A woman's power is her love. I love seeing powerful women of all faiths quietly loving their God, family and people. I honor them. I believe that all women are daughters of a Heavenly Father, who loves us all dearly. I have felt his tender love for me and I feel it for other women as well. It is this belief that gives me strength and peace. Education is important to me. My accounting degree has helped me to support my family as a single mother. I believe that truth is eternal and will not proven wrong tomorrow by new research. I believe that God uses eternal laws to work miracles. To me, God is highest in science, math and all fields. To me, there is no discrepancy between my faith and education. I believe truth is consistent.