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Hi I'm Andrew

I love music. I love to eat food. I love to see people happy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I`m a missionary in the one, and only...... Fukuoka Japan Mission!! I love to live in Japan, eat all of the yummy food out there, and talk to all of the Japanese people I can find about some of the toughest questions there are in this life! Err, well, I try to talk to the Japanese people, I`m still learning japanese! Ha! The best part is that I get to do this ever-y sin-gle day!

Why I am a Mormon

I`m a Mormon because I know these things are true! I dont "think" they are true. I dont just "believe" they are true. I "know" they are true. I know that there are plenty of people out there who will simply straight up tell me "You can`t know things like if there is a God, you`ve never seen Him!" But, at the same time, we can just twist that statement a little bit and say "You can`t know that there ISN`T a God, you`ve never seen Him." I have been able to feel God`s influence in my everyday life. Yes, some people may say its just coincidence, but if you read the Book of Mormon, there are plenty of places that have promises. Promises have two ends. For example, "ask, and you shall receive" kind of promises. I`ve prayed to God before. He didn`t appear to me and say "Hey Andrew, what`s up? Here`s the car you asked me for." Of course He`s not going to hand me a car. But, Ive been able to ask Him questions and ask for guidance, and sure enough, the answer or guidance came. Not right away, but soon after. And this has happened more than once, just like the guidebook (Book of Mormon) said it would happen if I tested it. I`m a Mormon because I know the Book of Mormon and its promises, along with God, and Jesus Christ being real people, is true.

How I live my faith

Well, pretty much, I live my faith by testing out the things that are taught in the church. So, in short, I`ve learned what kind of things are taught in this church since I was a little kid. I`ve tested them out to see if they are true. And, finally, just as was promised, I have learned that they are true. But, you know, it all starts with having tested it out. By doing those 3 things, I`ve been able to learn that God is there and has a plan for us. And, if God is there, an almighty God, why should I be scared to do something that He asks me to? A person may try to take a life. God gives life. A person may try to make you feel embarrassed. God comforts and uplifts. A person may try to trick, deceive, and lead your life in the wrong direction. God promises to guide us, protect us, and teach us nothing but truth. Why should I be afraid to live this faith?

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Nope! Men are "recommended" to go, but nobody can force anyone to do anything! I`m on a mission right now in Japan because I wanted to come out here. Every person has this thing called agency. It`s actually a gift from God. You have it too. In fact, you`re using it right now by reading this. Agency is the ability to choose; to act. So, you are indeed, by reading this using your agency. And, in the same way, since everyone has their agency, nobody can be forced to do anything. Just like I can`t tell you "Believe in God!" and you`ll suddenly believe. You`ve gotta use your agency and work towards figuring that out for yourself! So, once again, people aren`t "required" to serve missions. We choose to! Show more Show less