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Hi I'm Anny Liebing

I am a full time missionary in Knoxville Tennessee. I love to travel. I love culture and people, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Before, I was college student majoring in International Studies with an emphasis in History. I graduated High School as an honor student. I had been participating in choirs and local theater groups since I was about 9 years old, and continued in those activities through my High School career. I have a deep love and understanding of music, visual art, and story telling both with books and other media. I was born into a family that loves hiking, camping, back packing, etc. I'm a skier, and I love nature, and peace and joy that I feel being outdoors. I have quite a few goals for myself, one of them being that I want to learn as many languages as possible, Chinese, French, Korean, Latin (not Pig-Latin, I already know that one ;D ), and Spanish just to name a few. I find history to be fascinating, especially where culture is concerned. I love learning about different people, places and cultures. I love hearing people's stories, their lives, their dreams and desires, failures and triumphs. I love getting to know people, and learning how I can help them. I want to travel the world. Too learn about all the different people and cultures that are out there and then to share it with others. I believe that life is so beautiful and that each person is a wonder from God.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon. I have been a Mormon all my life, but just because I was born into this church doesn't that I am not a convert. To be converted is to change from one thing to another, and I been changed in so many ways, and all for the better I might add. I have a testimony of this church, I know it to be true and I know that God is here. I feel his spirit with me always, and I see his hand and his love everyday in the world around me.

How I live my faith

I am a teacher. I used to teach gospel doctrines to my peers in the Young Single Adults Ward. But now, I am serving as a full time missionary in Tennessee. I spend all day talking with, teaching and helping people. It always surprises me how much I learn when teaching. Sometimes I really think that I learn more then the people I teach. I truly love this gospel, and I strive to live it everyday. OK, that didn't make sense, let me try again. I try to live and act as an example of the teaching of Jesus Christ in my everyday life. I try to help and serve others as he did during the time of his ministry. I try to see people as he sees them and love them for who they are. I'm not perfect, I have my bad days just like the next girl. But I always try to look for the good things. I look for the beauty in the people and the things around me. And I try to do my best in all that I do.

What is faith?

Anny Liebing
Faith is really part of my life. My sister once told me that "Faith is acting on your belief," and I totally agree. Faith is a verb, it's an action word, because if you just think, or believe something and never actually do anything about it, then what good is it? In the Book of Mormon the Nephite prophet Alma describes faith as a seed. I was thinking about that analogy and it made me think about the different elements that a seed needs to grow. First, there is the seed of faith. Then it needs the soil. If it's good soil then it will nourish the seed and it will make it strong. But if it isn't good soil, then the seedling will be weak and it won't last long. The seed of faith needs to be planted in the soil of good desires. The seed then needs air, which to me can be hope. There will be days when hope wavers as the winds come and go, it moves to and fro. Hopes can change as the seasons turn from warm to cold, but hope is always there and it's very necessary. Then comes the sun, aka belief. Now the night will come and clouds will gather, but no matter what happens it's still there. It's still going strong, warming the earth with its light, filling every continent and touching every nation. At last, after you have all the elements and created a place for your seed, you have to water it with good works, a prayer to God, a desire to know, etc, and you will find your faith growing stronger everyday. This is part of what faith is to me. Now what is faith to you? Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Anny Liebing
There is a promise, both in the beginning (Introduction) of the Book of Mormon and at the end (Moroni ch.10, pg 529) that is given to all those who really want to know. If you really want to know that the Book of Mormon is true, and if you believe that you really will receive an answer, then act on your faith and read it and pray to know if it's true. Open the book and search it's pages, open your heart and listen to the Holy Spirit testify to you and tell that it is true. It probably wont come as a loud voice or like being hit by a bus, He's is much more subtle than that. To me, He mostly talks to me as a simple sweet feeling, like a comfort or reassurance. He points things out to me as I read and kind of helps me connect the dots in my head, helping me to see and to understand the big picture. He shows me the connections between the doctrine taught in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon and helps me to understand. The more I read the scriptures, the more I realize just how well my Father in Heaven knows me personally, and loves me as his daughter. I know the Book of Mormon is true because as I read and pray, and pray and read, I feel strengthened. I feel lighter, I feel closer to God, and all my fear are chanced away as the Holy Ghost comes into me and and fills me with the light of Christ and the Spirit of the Lord. When I read I feel like I'm coming home. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it will help you. But only if you will let it. So, will you? Show more Show less