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Hi I'm Elyzza

I grew up in a world full of ups and downs. Being baptist in year 2011 is the best decision I have made. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a very spiritual person. In the sense that I get curious/excited when it comes to things that can't be explained in common sense. It is fascinating to learn how these things work. By understanding how this earth works, I get better knowledge of how to live my life with values. Sometimes I just feel like being alone; sometimes I can't wait to go out; sometimes I get a bit crazy. All good. Just mood swings as it wishes. I can describe myself as a bird. A bird which love to fly around freely, but sometimes get restraint by my protective dad. It is in fact a blessing to have a protective dad. However, when a bird is locked in the cage, the bird is not very happy. Oh well... Good thing this bird has internet. Haha. I have once been counselled when I was confused about what career suits my personality. And the counselor gave me a test. According to the test result, I have been diagnosed as the person who fix problems. Well... That explains why my friends seem to come to me when they have problems. Not that I know a lot to help them, but being an extra pair of ears listening to them does help as well. Hopefully one day someone can be my personal extra pair of ears.

Why I am a Mormon

It was year 2011, I was spiritually hungry and lost. I started to talk to a friend who happened to be a Mormon. She invited me to church. I can still remember. It was first Sunday of April'11 because they were sharing testimonies in the sacrament meeting. I felt kinda weird in the sense that I have investigated quite a few churches and none like this. Missionaries started to approach me and I tried to escape by hiding in the restroom. After a few days, my curiosity starts to build up and wanting to know more. Around Easter time, my friend invited me to a fireside held by missionaries. The atmosphere on that night was spiritually warm. And, I made my first appointment with missionaries that night. Missionaries have been indescribably patient in teaching me because I was really hard on them. Surprisingly, they are able to answer every question I asked not by their own words but reference through scriptures. And I was really amazed how they remember the versus to refer to. They answered me that they just merely listen the still and small voice from Holy Ghost. How powerful is that. After a month, I told the missionaries that I have decided to get baptist. I always make fun of the missionaries saying that I "knocked" on their door instead of they "knocked" on my door. Haha. Either way, my Heavenly Father hath led me to HIM when I was seeking for HIM. "Seek and ye shall receive". It was truly a wonderful experience to be baptist. I was struggling before my baptism day. My auntie trying to stop me, all kinds of things happened. However, I was truly blessed to have my parent's approval and support. I thought that for the things I have done in the past, I won't be able to live truly happy. I am truly grateful that I thought wrong and my Heavenly Father willing to open the door and let me in. So long as I am willing to obey my Heavenly Father and keep all HIS commandments, HE is always there for me. At times I feel lonely, but I am never alone.

How I live my faith

I was baptist in Dianella ward (WA, Australia) in May'2011. I was struggling to live my faith because my parent are not Christian, most of my friends are not Mormons. I lived a different kind of life before I became Mormon. However, I was blessed to have missionaries checking on me, having discussions to talk about our beliefs,... My ex-bishop does help me a lot in the sense that even though I have moved back to Malaysia, we are still in contact through email. From my experience, I recognize that personal discipline is very important when it comes to living my faith. Sometimes I thought that I can slack for a bit, but I can feel that the Holy Ghost is not with me when I didn't strive to live my faith. I read scriptures everyday. I pray everyday. Ever since I started working, I am always fully occupied by work. I get so tired after work and don't seem to feel the spirit as strong. There was one opportunity came to me when I was invited to a anger management retreat. It was just a short weekend, but I was spiritually full because I was able to leave all the problems behind and focus myself in reconnecting with my Heavenly Father. I felt so peaceful and calm during that weekend. For me, I find that I can really feel the spirit whenever people share their testimonies. Sharing testimonies with one another not only spreading the gospel, also a kind of way to let others especially investigators to understand how our Heavenly Father touches us out of HIS unconditional love for everyone of us.