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Hi I'm Ashleigh Shontelle Klenka

I am a Blogger, Homeschooler, and Avid Book-Reader. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am one of three children. Alongside my two brothers, we were home schooled since young ages. Growing up, I went to church occasionally but slowly it stopped as I grew into my teens. I enjoy photography, writing books, drawing, singing and creating things as hobbies. I sing in Choirs where possible and enjoy participating in service projects. I love reading Fantasy and Sci-fi type of books frequently and absolutely LOVE Disney films. I aspire to study Childcare at CIT and work as a Childcare worker while studying Photography on the side as a hobby. I love working with children and hope to become a Stay-at-home mother one day. I did scouting as a child which has encouraged my love for adventure and being outside. I love rock-climbing, bike riding, swimming, hiking, and camping! I often spend time with my family wherever possible as I hold family relationships very dear to me and often times it's the best fun to spend time with them :)

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptised when I was fourteen on the 6th of November, 2010. I wasn't a member of any church before hand but I did believe in a Loving Heavenly Father and in the Saviour, Jesus Christ. My brother invited me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I, being curious to know what type of church he joined and why he loved it so much, accepted. I am a very shy, introverted type of person so it was very overwhelming to have so many welcoming people. As I continued coming to the meetings on Sunday and the other programs for the youth, I learnt more and more of Jesus Christ and the plan that Heavenly Father has for me. I began reading the Book of Mormon and felt that what I was reading was another testament of Jesus Christ, something that added to the Holy Scriptures and clarified it. Something inside my soul was telling me, almost like when your conscience tells you that something is bad or good, that this was good and true. I prayed to know if this church was the true church and although I didn't feel an abrupt 'yes!' or a lightbulb moment, I felt that stirring in my soul tell me that I knew it and I had the desire to be baptised. Continuing to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I know I am a Mormon because through Joseph Smith, another testament of Jesus Christ called 'The Book of Mormon' was revealed to this generation. Through Joseph Smith, the prophet, His church was restored back to Heavenly Father's children. I know why I am here and what I must do in my life. I am led by loving prophets and a Heavenly Father who knows me by name and all my desires, fears, and intents and they love me enough to guide me to happiness through the Scriptures and revelation given through the Spirit. I am a Mormon because I have come to the truth through a sincere desire to know Him better through learning and trial. I choose to follow His gospel because it has brought me happiness that nothing else in my life has and continues to do so.

How I live my faith

I participate in church's choir program along with a few other youth as singing is something I really love doing. I go to a youth educational program every morning at 7 am called 'Seminary' where we go to a class to study about a particular book of scripture each year and to come closer to the Saviour. I also go to another program for the youth which is called 'Mutual' where we learn with other Young women and men skills, talents and opportunities to try something new. I love being in the Young women's program where I can serve and tutor the other young women who are working on a scouts-like project called 'Personal Progress' which is a four year program to help build faith on Jesus Christ. I often babysit the small children of family's in the church so that the parents can spend time together on a date or at events :)

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Ashleigh Shontelle Klenka
It all begins with the desire to know more; It doesn't require a drastic change or something completely absurd. That small desire to know the truth will help you in the long run. The ways I came to know that Mormonism is true was praying sincerely about it, I asked him very specifically what I wanted to know. I did not ask 'Is this church true?' which may help but I asked 'Is this the true church of Jesus Christ, which will bring me closer to thee?'. Specific questions bring specific answers. I didn't received a direct answer or a quick 'yes!' but over a time of studying what Mormons believed about Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost, about what their views were on families and their roles, about Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice for me and the Plan of Salvation and Book of Mormon, through the Holy Ghost I knew it was true. You must actively seek out to know the truth and then to be ready to ACT when you do receive an answer. By following the Lord's commandments of drawing close to him in prayer, He will testify that the church is true. The answer of the Holy Ghost is normally a quiet, still small voice, a though or feeling you get, almost like a conscience. He does not work in bright lights, loud voices, or forceful shoves. If you really have a desire to know, He will bear the truth to your very soul and mind. The feelings you could feel are a general peace about life, hope for the future, comfort and happiness. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Ashleigh Shontelle Klenka
Family is central to Heavenly Father's plan for us. We are His Spirit children, his literal offspring. He loves us like an earthly father would love his children. Growing up, we are blessed with families that provide for us and care for our well-being. We are specially bonded to our family members for God has designed it that way. Family is the way we can learn about Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, about truth and righteousness and the scriptures in a safe, loving and clean atmosphere. Jesus Christ is our literal Spirit brother who loved us and died for our sins. Our family is whom we can lean on during tough trials or when we need comfort. Majority of our life will be with families, because Heavenly Father knew that this design would be the most perfect way for us to learn of Him. Show more Show less