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Hi I'm Ruthy

I was born in and live in Sheffield, a city in England. I studied Theatre and Performance at uni. I'm a mormon! :)

About Me

Ok, so I'm a recent university graduate. I moved back home to live with my Mum after 3 years of studying away. I love the theatre and I'm quite a creative person. I'm about to serve as a missionary in London, which is really exciting!! After that I'm hoping for an opportunity to go and study as a dramatherapist. Currently, I have a job working as a carer for a girl with special needs.I have a rather large family; I have 5 half sisters, 2 half brothers and a brother. Most of them live abroad. I have lots of nephews and neices too.

Why I am a Mormon

Being born into the church has sometimes made people question whether or not I live my faith because I've been "brainwashed" into it. Well, for the first few years of my life, yes; my parents took me to church and I just accepted what I was learning to be the truth. However, born into the church or not, there always comes a point when we have to decide what we believe ourselves and what we stand for. As a youth, many of my friends who had also been born into the church began to ponder that question. Many of them left the church. I had to decide if I would follow their example or not. It would have been easy to follow them; being the odd one out can be lonely. I thought about what I really believed. Did I believe the things my parents taught me? Why? I realised that I did believe what I had been taught, but not just because my parents had told me so. They had taught me to pray from a young age, this I had always done. I knew what they had taught me to do was right because God always answered my prayers. I knew it was good to read the scriptures because of how happy I felt when I did. I knew that the Prophet was called of the Lord because when I listened to him speak, the same feeling that accompanies me when I pray or read the scriptures was there. I knew that the commandments were really given by God because I tested them by living them. Just like everybody else on the planet, I have come accross hard times in my life, when not everything is going perfect. But that doesn't change the knowledge I have that God is there. That His Prophet speaks today. When facing life's challenges, I have always found them easier to bear when I turn to the Lord. When I do, He turns to me and helps me. Like Christ promises in John 14, He has never left me Comfortless. In short, I am a Mormon because I know that it is the true living church on the earth today. I know who I am, where I came from and where I want to go.

How I live my faith

Living as a member of the Church is a wonderful thing. There are always activities for people for my age to attend so I'm often participating in them or singing in choirs. Of course, there's church each Sunday and many other meetings that I can go to. I think one of the best things about living the faith though is the daily contact I can receive from my Heavenly Father. I speak to him every day and I can feel Him communicating with me. It's just fantastic to be able to have a relationship with my Creator. I know that with Him by my side, He will help me to deal with any challenge in life and He'll be happy for me when I achieve the good things I try to do. I love to learn about Him by reading my scriptures everyday. I try my best to follow His example and become more like Him. In church at the moment, I sometimes play the piano for the hymns which are sung in the service.