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Hi I'm Carlos

My family means everything to me, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As a husband and a father of three children I had to do what many need to do in order to respond to the day-to-day family necessities... adjust to a new job by learning new skills and trades. Time is precious, particularly when it is essential to strength your family life, therefore becoming self employed became very appealing to my wife and I. Many will understand and appreciate that the opportunity of self employment is not always a easy one, however very often blesses me with the gift of time, and that is priceless. Engage that time in selfless service and give of my time to other people and causes, makes me realize that very few things are as greater as the act of given of yourself. Time dedicated to family activities, as simple as watching a movie together on a Friday night eating popcorn and chocolate, does more than just give you those extra calories, it brings my family together and enhances unity and love between ourselves. Working as a painter and decorator gives me the chance to work on my own very often providing me with the opportunity to do one of the things I like the most... singing.

Why I am a Mormon

I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a Mormon, with my parents and siblings when I was 10 years old. Since then my Church experience has been one of a everlasting influence in my personal and family life. I served as a Mormon missionary for 2 years, and I cannot imagine my life without that tremendous experience, in fact, nothing feels as great as watching people's life changing for the better because they accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only way to joy and happiness in this life. The impact of such experience fostered in my heart a constant desire that my children would have the same opportunity, which happened to my oldest son not so long ago. It is great to see that although there are 24 years between our missionary experiences, history repeats it self, witnessing that there are many people out there looking for a life full of purpose and faith in Jesus Christ. Knowing that I have a Heavenly Father that knows me by name and is aware of my circumstances is very reassuring. Knowing that He provided a way through His Son Jesus Christ, that I can overcome my mortal limitations whatever they might be, and that I can work and hope to be raised to a state of eternal happiness with my wife, my children and my children's children fills my heart with comfort and peace. I am a Mormon because, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ shows me that I do matter to God no matter what.

How I live my faith

As a bishop (pastor) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to an active congregation of about 80 people I spent much of my time ministering to people. Listening to them and assist them in their temporal or spiritual needs is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. My day to day life starts very early in the morning, I really enjoy the quietude and silence in the house to study and ponder the Holy scriptures, they are indeed my spiritual nourishment and a powerful source of wisdom which helps me to face my challenges and my short comings with hope and optimism. Juggling my profession with my family and ecclesiastical responsibilities is often a very demanding task, however the learning experience through this process is indeed a humbling one. Moments like this makes me feel the need to rely on the example of Jesus Christ and do my best to emulate His actions of love and service. Is this possibility of becoming and follow in the footsteps of Christ that fuels my decisions and actions. As I study the scriptures I learn what course of action the Savior would take in so many challenging or difficult circumstances, which decisions and teachings He would impart in order to respond to so many concerns and needs of the people, and in particular to the needs of the one. Would never be possible for me to wish for things to be this way if were not because of powerful influence of the scriptures in my life, they are a character building tool to me.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

A prophet in the Book of Mormon taught: " Adam fell that man might be and men are that might have joy", to me that is a resounding answer to the question : What is the purpose of life? Life is there for us to have joy. From that same prophet we learn that "there's a need for opposition in all things", this opposition provides us with opportunities to exercise our agency (a gift from God), and our faith in Christ which ultimately will take and carry us through this mortal journey. Recognizing that God has a purpose and plan of happiness for us is fundamental. As we embrace such believe, the path for that joy starts to unfolding, literally, a bit here and a bit there. As life progresses becomes apparent that we are all children of a Heavenly Father that has sent us to this school which we call earth to learn and comprehend every needful thing to achieve a live a life full of purpose and joy. The purpose of this life goes beyond this mortal realm. When I think about my loved ones, my wife and my children, I cannot imagine Heaven without them. The ultimate purpose of life is to prepare us to meet God. As we work to strengthen and perpetuate the unique bonds of love and care which we feel for a spouse, children and family, that joy and hope becomes even greater, such realization is more than apparent, is real, is tangible and you don't want to be any other way. Death, although necessary to the plan of salvation, is not the end, Christ made it possible, we will live again. Show more Show less