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Hi I'm Sam Guthrie

I grew up in Vestal, New York. I am a beginning computer program and mechanical engineer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to build and create things. This includes robotics, woodworking, sewing, 3D modeling, animation, computer programming, game design, and other arts and crafts. I am a very visual person, able to construct objects and structures in my mind, remember designs, and I am pretty good at metaphors. I'm not very good at writing or history, but i am very proficient in math, science, and plain random facts, though I have found that I am decent at creative writing. I enjoy Martial Arts, mostly the defensive styles, and am very adapt at agility-based physical activities. The problem is I'm so very unmotivated that I have gained weight, but once I'm going, I'm going. I am extremely mellow and cool-headed, I prefer to think things through and see things from multiple perspectives. I am that way because I have struggled in a dark thing in my mind that wanted out, but the Gospel of Christ has helped me through. Many say that I'm a very happy person.

Why I am a Mormon

One of the major reasons I have always continued to follow Christ's Gospel is it has given me a Moral Compass. It has given me a family that is centered on Christ and are unified. We are not tore apart by the distrust of cheating, drugs, abuse, and love each other and want to be together often and forever. The Gospel has allowed me to see that the things I wanted to do were wrong, and I have gained a unique propective on how not following those things have protected me and helped me. You could say that I have been Enlightened by the gospel through my life. If I didn't have the Gospel, I don't know where I would be right now. Another thing is that the Teachings in the Gospel make sense to me. God wants us all to come back to him, but lets us make the choice, and gives us commandments, not to tell us what to do, but to better ourselfs and the lives of those people around us. God's glory is so great and pure, so we would never be able to be with him because of our impurity, so Jesus come down and took upon himself our sins in order for us to be pure enough to enter God's presence, paving the path that leads to him, but we must still walk that path. we aren't just saved because we believe, but we must humble ourselves and follow after the example of Christ and show our faith through our works.

How I live my faith

I played for a Recreational Soccer League for the town of Vestal, and I participated in Boy Scouts. I met the rank of Eagle Scout, and my Eagle Project consisted of directing the construction of 4 picnic tables for The Waterman Conservation and Education Center to replace a few of the tables they lost in a flood (they are somewhere at the bottom of the river). In my Ward I participated in the youth and hope to forever work with them. I do not participate in any parties that have drugs, alcohol or smoking present. And I try to be friendly and serve those around me.

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

Sam Guthrie
God knows better then we do on what these things do to our bodies. God gave us these bodies and it is respect to him that we treat our body with respect and to keep it clean, healthy, and functioning properly. If your dad gave you a really nice Car, wouldn't you keep it clean, use the right fuel and generally take care of it? Your body is no different, and just as how a car Mechanic knows cars, God knows our bodies better than us and how to take care of it. As we follow this commandment, we will, as promised in Doctrine and Covenants chapter 89, find that our bodies will be stronger, faster, and our minds clearer and sharper. I have seen how this has blessed me and I know that it can bless you too. Show more Show less